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Pregnant Shawn Johnson shares update after testing positive for COVID-19

“I do still consider myself a very lucky one."
/ Source: TODAY

Olympian Shawn Johnson shared an update on her coronavirus symptoms after revealing earlier this week that she tested positive for COVID-19.

“I do still consider myself a very lucky one,” Johnson, 29, said in a video in her Instagram story. “I think I have it pretty mild.”

Shawn Johnson East
Johnson updated her fans on her COVID-19 symptoms in her Instagram story. shawnjohnson / Instagram

The former Olympic gymnast, who is expecting her second child with husband Andrew East, said she has been experiencing some unpleasant symptoms, saying she had “coughed all night” the previous evening.

“That was bad,” she said. “But like during the daytime, I feel really good. My headaches are gone, my sore throat is finally gone — it was a bad sore throat — and my stuffiness is getting better. So hopefully that means I’m on the up and up.”

When she first revealed her diagnosis, Johnson said she was especially worried about having COVID-19 while pregnant.

“Yes, I’m nervous about being pregnant and the baby,” she said in her latest update. “Just trying to get enough rest so I can heal.”

She also indicated she is staying somewhere apart from her husband and their 1-year-old daughter, Drew, to keep her family from getting sick.

“I miss my husband and my baby girl but again, it’s the least I can do to keep our family healthy,” she said.

The Olympian also addressed questions about having asthma, and whether that has exacerbated her COVID-19 symptoms.

“A lot of you have asked about the asthma,” she said. “I, so far, knock on wood, don't feel compromised yet, breathing-wise. I feel winded, but that's pregnancy and nothing like more than usual. Since I’ve had asthma my whole life, I'm pretty hyper-aware of my breathing and when it's labored or when it's difficult and So far, I feel pretty good that way. I can get deep breaths and everything, so hopefully that stays that way.”

Johnson’s husband also tested positive for COVID-19 last month, and is now doing better.

In a video posted to YouTube about Johnson’s pregnancy, East said he found out about his diagnosis shortly after they found out they were expecting their second baby.

"Having a wife who you just found out was pregnant and you want to support and celebrate with and hug and cuddle, it was not the ideal situation," East said.