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Dylan Dreyer shares update as due date approaches

"I'm not ready for him to come early."
No Christmas baby for Dylan!
No Christmas baby for Dylan!TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

The countdown continues for Dylan Dreyer!

"No baby yet," she joked while hosting TODAY on Thursday. "No Christmas baby if those were your bets."

After sharing her experience with secondary infertility, the announcement of her family's new addition was met with plenty of joy and gratitude. Now Dylan has just one week to go before baby No. 2 arrives.

"I feel great, I feel healthy," Dylan told TODAY. "Although my feet are swollen and I'm a little stuffy, if you really want to know the details, but I don't think he's going to come early."

She quickly knocked on wood to avoid testing her luck saying, "I'm not ready for him to come early!"

At one week out she admitted to being a little nervous about checking off a few more things on the to-do list.

"All I want to do is get all my Christmas decorations down so that when I get home from the hospital, there's no more Christmas around because I don't want to have to worry about that.

"I have a lot of the little odds and ends to do," Dylan explained. "I want the house to be nice and organized so that when I come home all I have to do is worry about Calvin and the baby."

"Speaking of Calvin, he's kind of my biggest concern right now," she shared. "I'm so overprotective of his feelings."

"When he walks into the hospital room and sees me holding another baby the way I always hold him, that's kind of my biggest worry right now. But there's nothing I can do about it. A family of four is coming so we're just gonna have to roll with it!"

Earlier this month, Dylan shared the special way she's helping Calvin, 3, count down to meeting his new sibling.

"I had this little treasure chest, and I put a countdown on it. So every day we cross off the day now," Dylan said. "And every day Calvin opens up the treasure chest and it’s a new little gift from his baby brother, little things like a Matchbox car or a little thing of Play-Doh or stickers or just something small, so he’s excited."

We're sure Calvin will be a great big brother and can't wait to meet the newest member of the family!