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Pregnant Dylan shares clothes struggle in relatable post: 'Nothing fits'

The clothing struggle is real for Dylan.
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer has quite a pregnancy clothing conundrum.

The TODAY meteorologist and 3rd hour of TODAY co-host just got real about how challenging it is to find clothes that fit at this stage of her pregnancy, and her message is pretty relatable.

"I’m at that point in my pregnancy where I’m not quite ready for full on maternity clothes and I’m squeezing into my old clothes," she shared in a candid Instagram post.

Dylan shared a photo of several items of clothing lying on her dressing room floor and explained why it's so messy in there right now.

"Some (clothes) I just can’t squeeze into. They end up in a pile on the floor...that I hang up after the show when I have more time," she said.

Dylan, who recently revealed she's expecting her third son, tagged her co-host Craig Melvin, who shared photos of her and Sheinelle Jones' messy dressing rooms on the 3rd hour of TODAY on Thursday.

During the segment, Craig said that Sheinelle has typically been referred to as the messier host, but Dylan's dressing room proved that she also has a sloppy streak.

"For those of you who cringed at @craigmelvinnbc pics of my dressing room...this is the situation I’m in right now: 20 minutes before showtime, I get dressed and literally nothing fits," Dylan wrote in her Instagram post.

She went on to explain that she does actually tidy up her dressing room after the show.

"I don’t just leave them there for someone else to clean up. So yes I’m messy, but I’m not a slob...I’m pregnant!" she said.

The meteorologist's followers appreciated her candor, and many of them seemed to relate to how tricky it is to find clothing that fit properly during pregnancy.

"Totally understand! I just went through that phase of nothing fitting! People don’t understand, the struggle is real!" one Instagram user wrote. Another commented: "It’s ok .... that’s how my closet looks and I’m not pregnant. We’ve all been there! You look great everyday!"

Now that Dylan has announced her pregnancy, her co-hosts are eager to know if she has a name in mind, but she's been keeping a tight lip so far. Last month, 3rd hour of TODAY viewers voted on suggested names like Maxwell, Noah, Brodie, Julian, Arthur, Walter and Archie.

“It’s interesting because there are some names on this list that we’ve tossed around,” Dylan said at the time.

Earlier this week, she did share that she has a name chosen, but said it's a secret.