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Ireland Baldwin gets candid about pregnancy and dealing with ‘idiots’ in her family

Expecting her first child, Baldwin said she wasn't prepared for how hard pregnancy would be.
Ireland Baldwin attends the Premiere of YouTube Original's "Justin Bieber: Seasons" at Regency Bruin Theatre on January 27, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
Ireland Baldwin, pregnant with her first child, is candidly sharing the unglamorous parts of pregnancy.Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Ireland Baldwin is speaking her truth about pregnancy.

The 27-year-old model shared an authentic look into her life while she’s expecting, writing on Instagram, "I am grateful but I am struggling."

"Pregnancy is hard. It takes so much out of you. I wasn't ready for that," she said in the post.

The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger shared her struggles, saying, "It's hard moving somewhere with no family. It's hard not being really close to family to begin with because they live far or are idiots that I want nothing to do with."

Baldwin, who is expecting her first child with musician André Allen Anjos, whose stage name is RAC, wrote that she's "always wanted a baby with the right person," noting that she grew up with a "jaded" view of love and, as an adult, sought out someone who would love her and their child "unconditionally."

"Relationships are hard. Break ups are very hard. Losing a job. Losing a loved one. Getting sick. All of that is extremely difficult. But I underestimated just how hard pregnancy would be on my mind and my body," she wrote.

The model revealed that she personally deals with "extreme health anxiety" on a daily basis, but said pregnancy has made matters even worse.

"I know everyone has an entirely different experience and mine is easy compared to most, but f--- it's a struggle," Baldwin said. "It's so hard to have so much pressure on yourself. Forget the physical aspect ... I feel like my brain and thoughts are going to war every single day. Mental warfare."

Baldwin said it can be hard coming on social media to see friends sharing fun events, career updates and furthering their education.

"I feel like life is passing by and my career hasn't even begun," she said.

"When people expect you to be glowing and angelic and in a constant state of bliss ... it's unrealistic sometimes. I'm a goblin. A bridge troll. A curmudgeon," Baldwin continued.

She ended on a positive note, though, saying that she is so excited to become a mom to her baby girl.

"All of this is still worth it but it's ok to admit how hard and scary it all can be," she said. "You are not alone."

Her Instagram post was met with tons of support in the comments. Alaia Baldwin Aronow praised her cousin's vulnerable message, adding, "A bridge toll really got me."

Others wrote that they related to the difficulties of pregnancy, and also the hardships that come with navigating friendships as an adult.

"I hated pregnancy. Wanted the babies, not so much the actual pregnancy. Was anxious daily thinking I was miscarrying after years of infertility. Your feelings are valid," wrote user @m_romaine.

User @angelaglynn commented, "We all have our struggles. Some friends are seasonal. I’m almost 50 and still struggle with genuine friendships."