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20 baby shower favors your guests will love

Give them something they won't want to leave behind.

After receiving so many thoughtful gifts for your baby shower, you’ll want to shower your guests with appreciation by giving them a fun and festive favor. Not only are baby shower favors a fabulous parting gift, but it’s a great way to add a thank you note for everyone that has come to celebrate your bundle of joy. 

These tokens of thanks don’t have to be expensive, but they can be creative, tie in perfectly to your baby shower theme, and will be something your guests will love and not want to leave behind. 

“Baby shower favors continue to be an on-trend tradition,” says Kurt Perschke of WebBabyShower. “Favors for guests are not for every shower, but for some hosts, they are a must-do.”

Find the perfect favor inspiration for your guests with these 25 baby shower favors.

Mini bottle of Champagne

Pop the bottle when she pops and make a toast to the new parents and the new baby.

Mini succulent

Go green with these adorable plants that are easy to maintain, look great, and can be personalized by wrapping a fun thank-you ribbon around the pot.

Cinnamon bun

How about a fun play on "bun in the oven" and a sweet treat in one? Gift each guest with a delicious cinnamon bun to take home and enjoy after the shower.

Jars of local honey

Perfect for a bee-themed shower, a tiny jar of honey is a sweet takeaway and a great way to support a local business.

Personalized cups

If your baby shower will have a "mom-mosa" bar, give guests personalized cups, glasses, or Champagne flutes to use during the party and as a parting gift.

Tree seedling

If the parents-to-be love to garden, giving guests a tree seedling with the directions to plant the tree to grow along with their new family. This favor is thoughtful and eco-friendly. 

Bottle openers

This one is perfect for "poppin' bottles." While the new parents can expect plenty of  baby bottles in the future, guests will get a smile out of using this favor for years to come. 

Coffee beans

If you have a "baby brewing" shower theme, give whole coffee beans or coffee grinds to your guests. Place the coffee in a reusable bag and add a cute thank-you tag. Make sure the mom-to-be gets a few bags to take home — she’s going to need it soon.

Nail polish

If an all-pink baby shower was your party inspiration, give guests nail polish in different shades of pink. Add a cute bow or ribbon to the top of the bottle and let guests choose their own perfect shade to take home. 

Drink koozie

Perfect for coed showers, koozies come in every color and you can add fun messages like “Sip, sip hooray! There’s a baby on the way” or “Party at my crib.”

Body scrub

Pamper your guests by sending them home with a mini container of body scrub. Choose the mom-to-be’s favorite color or scent as inspiration or keep it all about baby by using a baby powder scent. 

A donation in your guests’ names

Choose a charity and make a donation in honor of your guests in lieu of favors. Put a sign or small notes at the shower to let guests know of your thoughtful gesture. 

Scented candles

With so many ways to personalize the candles — from mom’s favorite scent or a scent to represent the baby's birth date season, like pumpkin spice for fall or cherry blossoms for spring — everyone will want to get their hands on these candles.


Perfect for a baby sprinkle or a "sprinkled with love" theme, this delicious and inexpensive favor can also double as decor at the tables. Just be sure to give guests a small bag to take their treat home at the end of the shower.  

Egg timer

With a note that says “about to hatch,” this adorable kitchen accessory is a favor your guests will love to display in their home. 

S’more kit

Give your guests all the goodies they need to build a s’more at home — chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Attach a note telling guests you hope this treat adds s’more love to their home. 

Bath bomb

From your shower to theirs, a bath bomb is a lovely favor that lets your guests practice a little self-care. Choose a bath bomb that coordinates with your shower colors for a fun added detail. 

Gourmet popcorn

With a note that says “She’s about to pop!” give your guests a bag of gourmet popcorn. Skip the regular microwave stuff and opt for fun flavors like dark chocolate or a spicy mix to make this favor extra delicious. 

Hot cocoa kit

Perfect for a winter baby shower or a mom who's got a craving for this delicious drink. Give guests the cocoa mix and plenty of marshmallows, and wrap it all up in a cute bag, container, or mug. 

Mini photo frame

Use the inside of the frames to display a thank you message. When guests get home, they can add their own photo or a picture of your little one when they arrive.