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Preemie twins Leia and Lauren take Instagram by storm

/ Source: TODAY

When they first opened an Instagram account last August, Amber Yong and Peter Lok of Singapore were simply hoping to document the growth of their twin girls, Leia and Lauren, both of whom recently turned 8 months old.

But since Lok is passionate about photography and Yong loves playing around with quirky styling concepts, the photos quickly evolved into a creative project.

"We started using Instagram as a medium to document their growing journey and it was a perfect platform to share these [photos] with our friends, family and like-minded parents who want updates," Lok told in an email.

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The photos have since gone viral, of course, and the happy couple says they're "just glad that they bring so much joy and positivity to their followers."

But as to whether they'd ever seen any of this coming? "We did not expect this response!"

Leia and Lauren are MOMO twins, a condition that only happens in 1 percent of twin pregnancies and refers to the fact that both girls share the same amniotic sac. "It is an extremely high-risk pregnancy," Lok explained. "Therefore, they were delivered two months premature (not many realized that they are actually preemies)."

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The parents raise awareness about the condition in the title of their Instagram profile: "Momo Twins ~ Leia & Lauren."

"We try as much as possible to snap daily pictures now, and on average we take about five to six pictures a week," Lok said, referencing the photos on their now extremely popular Instagram. "The photoshoots are usually taken at home after their nap time. Brainstorming sessions usually happens together, though most times, ideas come rather impromptu!"

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He added that the girls have come a long way — "from being so small when they were born [about 3.3 pounds and 3.5 pounds, respectively] to the chubby babies today!"