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If you’re a mother, you know the power of your touch: your hug that lasts long after you let go, your steady grip for those first steps, your cool hand on a flushed brow, your unconditional kisses. Touch is how we nurture, protect and love. But touch is a two-way street. There’s that magical moment when your child casually hangs an arm around your neck, your daughter strokes your cheek, your son reaches out for a kiss. Touch is a fleeting moment with a lasting impact and that’s what’s inspired a new campaign, #SoMuchMore, launched by JOHNSON’S® to recognize the importance of touch.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked photographer Ali Smith, author of the Award-Winning Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives, to capture the magic.

Ali Smith / Johnson's

Katarina with Billie and Stan

"I think physical contact is the most powerful bond - in their first days babies don't see - they just feel your touch and smell you... And from the day they put my kids on my chest in the delivery room, they've been inseparable from me. We cuddle, take baths together sometimes, snuggle in bed. Billie transfers the physical affection she gets from us to her baby brother Stan- all she wants to do is to touch him and hug him.” – Katarina

Ali Smith / Johnson's

Sofia and son

"His head falling on my chest, falling on my shoulder. The warmth between the bodies. The weight of his body getting heavier while he falls asleep. I gently caress his soft skin and lend a dozen of kisses on his puffy cheeks. It's as if we were one, perfectly fitted, embraced in a strong tight hug. So much underneath those simple actions. So much from the simple power of touch."

Ali Smith / Johnson's

Goussy and Isan

“The power of touch should not be underestimated. It's almost unexplainable but undeniable; there’s so much power and healing through something as simple as touch. It's so amazing to have that connection with both of my sons. What words can't provide a simple hug can.”

Ali Smith / Johnson's

Melinda and Maya

“I'm a first time mom of a three-month-old and my daughter and I are still learning a lot about each other. We communicate through touch. When I hold her little hand in mine or kiss her toes I am telling her that I'm so thankful she's in my world and I'll always love her. When she strokes my arm or reaches up to my face she's saying she's thankful I'm her mom, and she can't wait to see what's next.”

Ali Smith / Johnson's

Photographer Ali Smith and son

“I consider it an honor and big responsibly to help raise a boy into a man who is sensitive, caring and affectionate. I’ve tried to walk through motherhood adventurously and enthusiastically, with my boy first worn on my front, then perched on my hip, now walking by my side. I see glimpses of the young man he is becoming in the caring, supportive way he hugs and helps kids younger than himself. And that fills my heart with happiness.”

To celebrate the beauty of a mother’s and a child’s touch, share your special moments – send TODAY your pics with the hashtag #SoMuchMore and they could be featured in the Orange Room!