Is the popular online game Roblox bad for kids?

Experts weigh in on the pros and cons of the game played by millions.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Allison Slater Tate

The popular online game Roblox has close to 70 million active monthly users and encourages children to build and create their own games on the platform in which they can role play, play games, and even develop friendships that can extend beyond the screen — sort of like a giant virtual playground.

But when a mother's story about her 7-year-old daughter's avatar suffering a sexual assault in a Roblox game spread, parents panicked: Many declared they were deleting the game from their children's devices or that they would never let them play it.

Like many parenting decisions, this one might not be so clear cut. While parents always need to stay vigilant and involved with their children's online gaming activity, Roblox does have a lot to offer its young users.

Roblox is a multiplayer online platform with almost 70 million monthly active users of various ages. The company allows children to create their own content and adventures and encourages them to develop their own games within the platform.Roblox

Child development and parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa told TODAY Parents Roblox is excellent practice for the world of online, inter-connected gaming for both kids and their parents. "There is a lot to love here," she said. "They will learn communication skills, enhance their creativity, and build strategies that will help in academic and real life."

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The game can lead to real opportunity. All 40 million of the games in Roblox are developed by its users, and Roblox has been able to pay the developers if a user chooses to spend some of the virtual Roblox currency — which costs actual money — in the games they created. As a result, one creator earned more than $3 million from Roblox in 2017, according to an article for Business Insider.

Roblox also has real academic value. In the summer of 2018, Roblox introduced an initiative called Roblox Education. The company offered free, configurable courseware for teachers to use in STEM classrooms as well as Roblox Studio, which used their platform to teach coding to children in over 500 camps and online classes in coding.

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The company also invited 45 of its young developers to their corporate headquarters to participate in their 12-week summer Accelerator internship program, where they were able to explore what a career in game development would look like.

But despite these positive elements, Gilboa warned that parents cannot grow complacent when it comes to any online gaming platform, including Roblox: It still presents a lot of opportunities for bad behavior.

"Don't think that the primary colors and younger kids playing mean that this is safe," she said. "Your supervision and engagement is the only way to use this game as a positive influence in your child's life."