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An expert predicts what your grandchildren will be named

The next generation will choose baby names their parents didn’t.

We know what your grandchildren will be named.

No, really. We’ve been analyzing baby name statistics and predicting name trends for several decades now, and one guiding principle is that the next generation will choose baby names their parents didn’t.

The parents of today are using names like Luna and Luca, Arlo and Arya, that were given to only a handful of babies 30 years ago.

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So 30 years from now, grownup Luna and Luca will favor names that are rarely used today.

To identify those rare names destined for future popularity, we scoured thousands of names given to fewer than 25 babies in 2020. From the bottom of the current name roster, we chose 10 girl names and 10 boy names we think will become popular for the next generation of babies.

Here, our predictions for what your grandchildren will be named, and why:

Girl Names 2050


A Welsh river name and princess name that takes today’s El names several steps further.


James broke the gender barrier with this generation, the Presidential Franklin will do it next. And it’s got that cute nickname Frankie.


Penelope is big, Daphne is getting there, and Ione continues the trend the Greek Mythology trend.


The Brits love combo names and we love the names the Brits love.


Trendy names like Ophelia, Lucifer, and Lilith overcame the dark stories attached to them, so why not Pandora? Plus it’s got an adorable animal nickname: Panda.


The daughter of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.


Next gen cottagecore.


The meaning “life” gives this eternal appeal.


Gender-neutral surname that includes a subtle nod to nature.


What comes after Zoe, Zoey, Zoie, and Zooey.

Boy Names 2050


A current trend is boy names inspired by their popular sister names, so Emmett was sparked by Emma, Everett from Eva. And in the coming years, Clement will rise on the coattails of the fashionable Clementine.


This flowery choice continues the trend toward softer names for boys.


A unisex surname that references Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale.


Son of Felix.


Son of Isabella and Theodore.


Celestial names are rising in popularity and Jupiter could become more important for boys and girls too.


A Hawaiian name with a laid-back beachy vibe, taking current favorites such as Kai and Kehlani several steps further.


Trendy tree names like Oak + trendy surnames ending with S such as Brooks = Oakes


Wanda’s marvelous husband has a word name that looks to the future.


Yes, like the pig. But today’s William will want a name that’s the same but different for his son.

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