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Saddle up! Pony Up Daddy lets kids ride on daddy's back

Looking for a Christmas gift to bring together the whole family? How about the Pony Up Daddy, a saddle that allows children to ride on their parents' backs.
/ Source: TODAY

Here's a chance to get the kids to put down the iPads — and parents to put aside their dignity.

Behold one of the more off-the-wall holiday offerings this year: the Pony Up Daddy, a neoprene saddle that allows children to ride on daddy's back.

The Velcro saddle, which costs $24.99 and comes in four different colors, promises to help avoid the torn shirts and broken jewelry that can happen when a child doesn't have a proper seat to ride an adult.

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The goofy device also encourages children not to hold back when going for a ride.

"Hey kids, yank, tug and pull all you want…The Pony Up Daddy can take it!" the ad says.

The product also comes in a size to fit women, because mommy deserves a herniated disk, too!

The reviews on Amazon range from "My kids love this thing!" to "We are currently taking a break from the Daddy Saddle as I prepare for back surgery."

Hey, at least it looks like more fun than an $85 rock in a pouch from Nordstrom.

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