Survey reveals which celebs moms would (and wouldn't) want babysitting

If given the choice, which celebrity would you rather hire to babysit your kids: Chelsea Clinton or Natalie Portman? How about Kim Kardashian?

How would you feel about ... Mila Kunis?

Or perhaps, none of the above?

These may seem like bizarre questions. (OK, they are.) But they've led to some very revealing results.

A recent survey from the Meredith Parents Network polled 800 tech-savvy millennial moms about their parenting styles and digital habits.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
Hey, Carrie? Can you babysit Saturday night? Yes, definitely bring your guitar.

64 percent of millennial moms say that they would let a celebrity babysit for their child. Of those, 30 percent agreed that Carrie Underwood was their top choice, with Jessica Alba coming in second place with 22 percent. Next up: Kristen Bell with 19 percent (just think of the "Frozen" singalong potential!), Mila Kunis with 17 percent, Natalie Portman with 16 percent, and Adele with 15 percent.

Actress Natalie Portman gets the "hypothetical babysitter of the year" award from these moms.

Beyonce appears a bit further down on the list with just 13 percent of those polled agreeing that they'd allow her to babysit their kids, according to the survey conducted online by Zeldis Research Associates. New mom Blake Lively, normally a hit with millennials, grabbed just 12 percent.

So, who made the bottom of the list?

Christina Aguilera may have some serious pipes, but apparently they're not the ones you want your kids lulled to sleep with: Only 8 percent would allow her to babysit their kids.

The polled mothers would prefer that Kim Kardashian West stick to taking care of North.

It turns out just 5 percent would allow reality star and selfie queen Kim Kardashian to babysit their kiddos.

And supermodel mom Gisele Bundchen came in at a measly 4 percent ... underneath reality TV star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's 6 percent.