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Plus-size model Tess Holliday tells it like it is as a new mother: 'I'm crying'

This isn't her first go-round as a parent, but trying to squeeze in 15-hour workdays while caring for a baby can be overwhelming.
/ Source: TODAY

Tess Holliday is a force of nature and she's one of our favorite people at TODAY.

For one thing, she was People magazine's first size-22 model in 2015 and she regularly stands up as a positive force when it comes to body shaming (including during her recent pregnancy).

But long workdays as a model and lifestyle guru paired with a teething baby (little Bowie is now eight months) are taking their toll, as she noted in a tearful Instagram photo and heartfelt message posted Monday that went viral.

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Whether you're a parent or not, you'll want to read the whole post. Holliday notes that she's responsible for putting herself into a business where looks are important — but we all get what it's like to feel overwhelmed.

Still, it's very much in character for her to share with the world something that many new parents won't admit: sometimes you just can't do it all.

"When I wrote the post, I had just finished crying for an hour and Bowie was crawling all over the bed," Holliday told TODAY. "I knew it was temporary, but I had reached my breaking point."

This isn't Holliday's first experience as a mom; her son Rylee will be a teenager soon. But Bowie, whose dad is fiancé Nick Holliday, has come along in the midst of Tess' red-hot modeling and activism career, which makes this round of parenting very different from the first. (And let's face it, every new child is a new experience for a parent.)

"My first son was like a potato, he was a lazy baby," she recalls. "You could put him down anywhere and he'd hang out. Bowie is constantly into things. He's a lot more work."

To no one's surprise, she has already snapped back and posted a follow-up picture brimming with happiness and amazing hair:

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Part of that is thanks to the strong response she's received from fans and fellow parents, which has helped her get on a more even keel, despite the stress about bedtimes with Bowie.

"I realize now it's OK to ask for help," she says. "It's OK to cry and be frustrated, that's normal and that's part of it. It's just nice to realize I'm not alone."

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