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Playful gifts to send your little camper

Many kids get homesick when they go away to overnight camp. Gift expert Robyn Freedman Spizman shares ideas on how parents can lift their spirits.

About 10 million children attend overnight camp, according to the American Camp Association,  And for young children, being away from home isn't easy. Many get homesick at sleep-away camps. So if your kid is going away to camp this summer, why not send them a little pick-me-up to raise their spirits? Robyn Freedman Spizman, author “Make It Memorable,” was invited on “Today” to tell us about gifts to keep your child’s the tears away. Here are some:

Sports Balls, $20.00www.just4camp.com1-800-329-8573Just4Camp offers unique and trendy camper gifts, such as squishy sports balls ($20), the “Bling Ring” Autograph Ring ($20), and the “Autograph Pretzel” ($20). Autograph items come with an autograph pen. Add a disposable camera ($10) or an autograph book ($10). Each shipment costs $8.50 for ground delivery.

Sealed With A KissSpa Party, $ 800-888-7925Sealed With A Kiss has been the original camp care-package company since 1984. You name it, they'll create it. Throw a spa party for 10 lucky campers for $28.00 or send them a tie-dyed Bed Caddy for $19 and fill it with toys. (Shipping and handling is not included in the prices.) The perfect bunk organizer!     

The Wrinkled Egg
Rest Hour Boredom Buster, $30.00www.thewrinkledegg.com800-736-3998From $30.00 and up, these packages are guaranteed to offer your camper hours of entertainment, education and fun. Customized for either a girl or boy camper, the Wrinkled Egg's yellow chicken box is available in a variety of price ranges — one for every budget. Packages include Mad Libs, Guiness World Record quiz pads, American Girl game books, 20 questions pocket game, Sports Illustrated world record books, magazines and more. Same-day shipping is available.

Spoon Sisters
Hug Pillow, $25www.spoonsisters.com1-800-716-4194Everyone needs a hug. Since you can’t be there to give one in person, send this hug pillow instead. The pillow costs $25.00, plus handling and shipping. For an added touch, send themed bandages ($5.00) for their boo boos!

Popcorn Factory
Bug Box Sampler, $19.99 and Popcorn Balls, $14.99www.popcornfactory.com1-888-216-0235

Cheryl & Co.
Fun Camp Snack Pack, $ A snack attack for the entire cabin with 26 servings of fun junk-food galore! Did anyone say party time? This is the ultimate box of sweets. 

Baskets By Design
Pirate’s Treasure Chest, $
Ahoy mates! A pirate’s treasure chest is filled with accessories, toys and more. The salty swashbucklers from Baskets by Design and have come up with a treasure chest for all wannabe pirates.