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Pittsburgh Penguins player has baby baptized in the Stanley Cup

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Josh Archibald had his infant son, Brecken, baptized in hockey's Holy Grail.
/ Source: TODAY

This baby has been baptized in hockey's Holy Grail.

In his one day with the Stanley Cup this summer, forward Josh Archibald of the reigning champion Pittsburgh Penguins decided to give his infant son, Brecken, a cool story that will be the envy of his friends one day: He baptized him in the NHL's iconic championship trophy.

Archibald and his wife, Bailey, were captured in the sweet moment with 3-week-old Brecken on Wednesday by Walter Neubrand, one of the "Keepers of the Cup" whose job involves watching over the Stanley Cup during its travels.

Every offseason, each member of the reigning NHL champion gets a day with the Stanley Cup, which they usually parade around their hometowns. This summer the Cup has been everywhere from a golf course to the beach.

Neubrand was in Brainerd, Minnesota, to snap a photo of the small ceremony with the Archibalds. It was then posted on Twitter by Hockey Hall of Fame vice president Philip Pritchard, who runs the "Keeper of the Cup" Twitter account detailing the journeys of the famous trophy.

While the christening was definitely a special moment for young Brecken, a baptism in the Stanley Cup is not unprecedented.

Sylvain Lefebvre's infant daughter Alexzandra was baptized in the Cup in 1996 after the Colorado Avalanche won the championship, and then Detroit Red Wings star Tomas Holmstrom had the 2-month-old daughter of his cousin baptized in the Cup in 2008, according to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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