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'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond shares moving tribute after mother-in-law's death

"I'm not sure any of us know quite what we're going to do without her," the author and television chef wrote.
/ Source: TODAY

Blogger, author and television chef Ree Drummond may be best known for the meals she makes, but "The Pioneer Woman" is also known for opening up about her family, who serve as the inspiration behind so many of her creations.

So when Drummond had to say goodbye to one member of that family recently, she opened up once again — for a moving tribute to her mother-in-law, Nan.

On Friday, Drummond shared a brief post on Instagram, noting that her and her loved ones were mourning "my mother-in-law, my husband's mom, my children's grandmother, my friend."

"I'm not sure any of us know quite what we're going to do without her," she wrote at the time. "She was magnificent."

But that wasn't all she had to say about Nan. This week, Drummond took to her blog and continued to honor the woman who meant so much to her and those around her.

"It’s a difficult loss for our family, as she was such a rock for all of us," she explained. "We all had some time to prepare for this, though I’ve found over the course of the past few days that nothing really prepares you for losing someone who is so much a part of the fabric of your family’s daily life."

But Drummond stressed that despite the loss, her mother-in-law will live on in what she left behind.

"Fortunately, we have a deep well of memories on which to draw," she wrote. "Nan was always there, ever-present, over the course of my life with (husband) Ladd — and my kids hardly saw any dividing line between our house and hers, they were in and out so much. ... I see a little bit of each of my children (and my niece and nephew) in her."

"She was a quiet, steady force and lived a faith-filled life," she noted. "She loved her family."

And in Drummond's heartfelt memorial message, it's clear that the feeling was truly mutual.

Although the Food Network star didn't discuss her mother-in-law's cause of death, just days before Nan passed, Drummond told her readers that her family was "experiencing the pain of having a loved one in hospice care with cancer."

"The hard news and hospice came on Mother’s Day, just as we were entering what was otherwise one of the happiest weeks in the Drummond family, with both Caleb and Paige graduating," she wrote. "It’s been a constant flow (and undefinable mix) of emotions and tears — I haven’t been able to discern where the graduation tears start and the hospice tears stop."