This may be the most annoying Halloween costume for girls

Pink Spider Girl Costume Angers Moms
Pink Spider Girl Costume Angers MomsWonderCostumes / Today
By Sasha Emmons

A pink Spiderman costume for girls may just be the most annoying Halloween costume ever. We tell our daughters they can be anything they want to be—a doctor, scientist or pro athlete—but apparently there’s one thing they can’t be: superheroes.

At Halloween, boys get to dress up and pretend to do cool things like swing from buildings, hide their identities and fight the bad guys. Girls, however, will be sitting in the corner in a costume that makes them look pretty while boys kick all the ass. Exhibit A: Marvel’s Spider-Girl costume, found by blogger Ami Angelwings at Walmart. The pink get-up—WHICH DOESN’T EVEN MATCH THE PICTURE ON THE FRONT—features a skirt (not exactly ideal for web-swinging) and a paltry eye mask (no one will figure who you are in that). The only thing that lets you know this costume is supposedly Spider-anything is the arachnid on the chest. The girl on the packaging might be pretending to shoot webs, but given the go-go boots, she could just as easily be trying out a new dance move.

We’re not even sure who the target audience is here. If your girl likes Spiderman or Spider-Girl, she probably wants to, well, look like Spiderman or Spider-Girl. If she’s all about the frilly, then she’s probably going to want a Disney Princess or Angelina Ballerina or someone who’s always been pink. We don’t know any kid (girl or boy) that wants to be a superhero—hold the super.

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A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.