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Pink's kids are having the time of their life on tour with mom

When your mom is a rock star, life can be pretty fun.
/ Source: TODAY

Rock stars know that over time, life on the road while touring can be a real grind. But when you're 6 years old and 7 months, it's the ride of a lifetime!

Pink struts her stuff on Aug. 20 in Stafford, UK.WireImage

That's what Willow Sage and her little brother Jameson Moon, both of whom are on tour with their famous mama Pink and daddy Carey Hart right now, are proving thanks to Instagram pictures.

Things didn't start off all that auspiciously, when on the first night of the What About Us tour in July Willow and mom were stuck in an elevator right before Pink was set to go on stage. But things seem to have been looking up ever since.

Thanks to the pictures shared on Instagram by both parents, we're getting a window into their world, and it looks both extraordinary — and totally normal.

For one thing, there are games of Monopoly played while driving down the highway:

Chances to spend your sunset by famous bodies of water:

And, of course, the great loose tooth saga: Where will Willow lose it?

Only time will tell, we suppose! Guess we'll have to keep tuning into Pink's Family Tales from the Road!

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