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Pink's daughter Willow gets 'Big Sister Party' to celebrate Jameson's arrival

Pink just proved yet again why she's a cool mom, celebrating Willow's new role as big sister to little Jameson Moon.
/ Source: TODAY

Becoming an older sibling is exciting ... but also a little scary. It can be hard not to wonder, "They still love me, too, right? They didn't forget about me?"

Well, 5-year-old Willow Sage Hart doesn't have to go down that dark road paved with jealousy and fear. Because Pink's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom.

Here's proof that she's a cool mom: She threw her daughter a party to congratulate her on becoming a big sister.

Just look at that cake: "Congrats Big Sis!" Willow looks pretty darn happy to be holding it. Meanwhile, mama Pink is holding new baby Jameson Moon Hart ... who looks like he's coming off of a long night.

You know how babies are. Up all night, every night. Party animals!

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The pink and greenish-blue balloons are a nice symbolic touch. But we can't help but wonder ... is baby Jameson going to have to dye his hair blue? You know, once he gets some?

Either way, these sweet sibs have lots of adventures ahead of them. We love that their first party together was captured on film.

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Jameson was born Dec. 26. Congrats again to Pink, hubby Carey Hart and Willow!