Pink's daughter gave her brother 'tattoos' and it got a little messy

Pink's daughter, Willow Sage, is showing off her creativity again!

The 7-year-old budding makeup artist is now revealing a flair for designing tattoos — using her little brother, Jameson, as her model!

Willz hooked Jamo up with some tattoos 😂

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The kids' dad, Carey Hart, shared a hilarious Instagram photo of Jameson that shows off the 1-year-old's rad new ink: a gigantic purple heart on his belly along with a few abstract lines on one arm.

"Willz hooked Jamo up with some tattoos," Hart captioned the adorable snap, adding a laughing emoji.

Glamour girl Willow's already proven she's got a unique perspective when it comes to makeup. While joining Pink on tour earlier this year, she did her own rainbow-colored face designs before several shows.

Willz make up for the St. Louis show 😂

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She even give a video tutorial to show fans some of her tricks.

But the tiny style maven doesn't stop at makeup. She's also tried her hand at hairdressing. In March she gave her dad a truly punk-rock haircut, shaving his locks down the middle in a reverse mohawk.

This is what happens when you ask your daughter for a fade 😂.

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Hair, makeup, tattoos — there's really nothing Willow can't do!