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Pink reveals she hasn't lost her post-baby weight yet: 'I'm normal!'

It's been about six weeks since she had little baby Jameson, and she's starting to work out again.
/ Source: TODAY

On December 28, Pink dropped a bunch of pounds overnight — giving birth to her second child, Jameson.

Since then, however, nada. As she revealed in an Instagram posted Monday, she hasn't managed to lose her pre-baby weight, and guess what?

She's totally fine with that.

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Looks like Pink is both perfectly happy at her current weight, but understands that it's time to start getting fit again, so it's back to the gym with her personal trainer.

But what we like best is her attitude about the whole thing.

We imagine she wanted to wait to hit the weights until after things like, say, a big sister party for 5-year-old Willow Sage that appeared to include a healthy-sized chocolate cake:

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And meanwhile, let's not forget the source of all of this current joy and forthcoming sweat, little Jameson Moon himself:

We can't wait to see how Pink transforms herself this time around, but really we love her any size at all. She's totally "normal," don't forget!

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