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Pink opens up about missing her dad in sentimental throwback post

Pink's feeling homesick but not for her own home.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, we don't miss home until we're very far away from it.

Pink knows what that's like and she recently posted a picture on Instagram of a little Willow Sage (who's now 8) giving her a big smooch on the cheek.

"I can't believe how little she was," Pink wrote in the caption. "How simple it was. When I got grown, I moved as far away from my family as I could while still being in the same country. And now, I wish I lived next door."

We can understand that entirely. There's something about needing to flee the nest that makes us want to leave but once we're a little older and maybe have kids of our own, we know what home really means.

"I wish my kids could walk to their house and have a cookie I wouldn't approve of," the singer continued. "I don't believe in regrets, but I do believe in growth, and change. And I miss my dad."

As an international superstar musician, Pink has been traveling the world for a while now, and often brings her husband Carey Hart and children, Willow and Jameson, 2, along for the ride. So she's always got them close, at least. But it's not the same as having grandparents around.

Still, Pink knows how to poke fun at her dad with a laugh here and there, too. In January, she posted a hilarious throwback photo of her father, Jim Moore, looking a little worn out while holding his sleeping son, Pink's brother, Jason.

"He was a handful," she joked. "I was perfect."

She still kinda is, you know?