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Watch this father and son absolutely lose it during game of 'Pie Face'

In a new video that's gone viral, a father and his son giggle hysterically while one of them awaits an inevitable pie in the face.
/ Source: TODAY

When parents play games with kids, there's a bit of strategizing gong on behind the scenes: Do you let the little ones win? Do you play to win so they understand what it means to be competitive?

Pie Face is not a game that requires any such deep thinking. As the name might indicate, the ultimate result of Pie Face is that someone is getting hit in the face with a glob of pie. Or whipped cream.

And that's what makes the delight this father and son exhibit while playing the game infectious. The tension is so thick between them that there's nothing to do but laugh along as they turn the handle and cover their faces, as if disaster is imminent.

The video just went up on Monday, but already has over 170,000 hits on YouTube.

The rules are simple: Spin the wheel, click the catapult the number of times the spinner lands on while holding your face in front of a plastic hand coated with goo. Eventually, the hand will release and ... smack!

But who will "win" this game? Watch the video to find out!

Bonus: Pie Face has actually been around for decades! Check out this ad from the 1960s:

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