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Picture this! 7 easy ways to preserve family memories

Considering that recording the milestones of baby's first year can feel like a huge challenge, how on earth are you going to preserve family memories for years to come?
/ Source: TODAY

Is there anything more guilt-inducing than a partially filled out baby book? (I have two of them, and I say: no!) Considering that recording the milestones of baby's first year can feel like a huge challenge, how on earth are you going to preserve family memories for years to come?


Well, no more excuses. Maybe it's time to take fewer photos. Maybe it's time to journal the everyday moments, rather than the major events. With these practical and creative tips from our TODAY Parenting Team members you will be inspired to think differently about recording those memories.

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1. Keep a baby calendar to record milestones

"Buy a good ole paper calendar and when a “First” milestone happens, you can quickly write down a few words about it and move on with your day. It’s fast and easy and will accurately show how old your child was when they did that first miraculous thing that you thought was adorable." — Brandy Yearous/ Super Mom

Charlie Jane loves looking at photos of when she and her mom went to gym class togetherJen Brown / TODAY

2. Taking photos at just one activity can go a long way

"For a long time I was racked with guilt for not going to my daughter's biweekly gym classes. But I did get to one and made sure to take a ton of photos. Now my daughter flips back through the pictures and tells me about mommy and Charlie going to the gym together. Score one for revisionist history." — Jen Brown

3. Create a journal of family gratitude

"At least once a week, we each take turns writing (or telling Mom to write) down one thing: My happiest moment of the day was …what I’ve found is that in certain moments, this simple little practice of writing things down can change my outlook, even turn the day around. And doing it as a family … even more so." — Susan Fishman/ Kid Prints

When journaling about gratitude, encourage kids to keep it simple. If their happiest moment of the day is "dessert" -- how sweet is that?Susan Fishman

4. Weekly photos of baby make for an amazing first-year memory

"My oldest daughter was born on a Sunday and every Sunday for the first year of her life I took a photo of her and placed it into a folder called “Sunday Pictures.” When her first birthday arrived, I played a 52-picture slideshow illustrating the week-to-week transformation of my daughter and it was absolutely breathtaking. I cannot stress this enough — if you’re expecting a baby, do this. You will not be sorry." — Doyin Richards/ Daddy Doin' Work

Doyin Richards and his youngest daughter on her birth day.Doyin Richards


5. Capture the ordinary moments, too

"Everyday routines and rituals offer great opportunities for moments to capture and memories to remember. Pictures and videos of them splashing in the bath, getting snapped into their car seat or stroller, feeding or figuring out how to sip from a bottle would be a treasure today." — Colleen Padilla

Colleen Padilla is a contributor for JOHNSON’S, the sponsor of the TODAY Parenting Team community. She is compensated for travel and attendance at events. Every idea and word written is her own.

6. Take videos as much as you take pictures

"Don’t just take pictures, take video. Don’t wait for a milestone or for her to 'do something' to get that camera rolling. Just turn it on, every day if you can, and let the lens soak it in. There will come a day soon — sooner than you think — when those little moments of nothingness will be your greatest treasures." — Savannah Guthrie

Savannah and daughter Vale mark a milestone with a selfie.Savannah Guthrie / TODAY

7. Realize it's OK if it's not all documented

"The best memories you will ever have will live in your mind forever. Don't live your life through the lens of a camera. Don't fret if you don't get every single sweet moment on film... not everything was meant to be documented." — Mom 4 Real