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Photographer re-creates iconic scenes from holiday films using adorable newborns

These newborns are "gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas."
/ Source: TODAY

Newborn babies are adorable, but when you combine their squishy cuteness with scenes from iconic holiday movies, you get a whole new kind of Christmas magic.

Amy Haehl, a wedding and newborn photographer who owns Coffee Creek Studio, found this special combination last year, when she photographed a newborn baby boy dressed in the pink bunny suit costume Ralphie wears in "A Christmas Story." Haehl's photo went viral, and one year later, she met up with the family again to take a photo of now one-year-old "Ralphie" in the same scene.

Amy Haehl took photos of a newborn dressed as Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" last year. This year, she brought the same toddler back into her studio for a second shoot.Amy Haehl/Coffee Creek Studio

But that's not all Haehl has photographed this holiday season. The Shelbyville, Indiana, photographer took photos of two newborn babies — only eight and eleven days old at the time — in scenes from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

"It's one of my all-time favorite movies," Haehl told TODAY Parents. "I don't know why, but I've always thought it would be so funny to re-create some of the scenes with newborns. I've been gathering details for a while now."

In this photo, Haehl used a newborn baby boy and baby girl to recreate Clark Griswold's famous Hawaiian fantasy scene.Amy Haehl/Coffee Creek Studio

For the photoshoot, Haehl used her girl and boy models to shoot the funny scene where Clark Griswold fantasizes about a red-swimsuit-clad woman in his swimming pool in the middle of winter.

For the other scenes — Clark and Eddie on the couch in front of their burned Christmas tree and Eddie asleep in the snow by his camper — the same baby boy played both Clark and Eddie.

Through the magic of photo editing, the same baby boy plays both Clark and Eddie in this image.Amy Haehl/Coffee Creek Studio

"I can't thank the models' parents enough for allowing their babies to model for this," said Haehl. "I'm so glad they find humor in it and have been laughing right along with me."

So what is Haehl's favorite of her holiday movie shots?

Haehl says this image of Cousin Eddie in the snow by his camper makes her laugh the hardest.Amy Haehl/Coffee Creek Studio

"I think there's just something special about Cousin Eddie," said Haehl. "I mean, the robe with the dress shoes and the RV — I just can't help but laugh when I'm looking at it."