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In photo series, photographer encourages moms to love their postpartum bodies

To help moms embrace their post-baby bodies, this photographer started a "Love your Postpartum" photo series.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

For Canadian photographer Mikaela Bodkin, a huge part of her work revolves around helping women embrace their bodies and practice self-love.

And, a group Bodkin identifies as needing an extra bit of help with this process is postpartum moms.

"It's so great to have a baby and I think it's important to know how blessed you are to have your child in your arms," Bodkin told TODAY Parents. "But as much as it's a happy time, there are a lot of stresses and sadnesses that can come with postpartum."

Bodkin says her series, "Love your Postpartum," is about helping moms embrace their post-pregnancy bodies.Mikaela Bodkin Photography

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In a photo series titled, "Love your Postpartum," Bodkin works with moms, taking stunning photos of their post-pregnancy bodies that show them their own strength and beauty. Bodkin says she's photographed women after having a c-section, suffering a miscarriage, or struggling with postpartum depression, and considers her work a way to help moms feel like themselves again after a pregnancy.

Bodkin has photographed women after c-sections, miscarriages and struggles with postpartum depression.Mikaela Bodkin Photography
"Whatever they're going through - they're a mom now and whether it's hard or it's easy, it's OK," said Bodkin.Mikaela Bodkin Photography

"There's a lot of stress on how moms should be feeling postpartum," said Bodkin. "But, no matter what they're feeling — it's fine."

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"Whatever they're going through — they're a mom now and whether it's hard or it's easy, it's OK," Bodkin continued. "If they want to be a fit mom, or if they want to sit and relax and enjoy the time with their baby, those are both fine choices."

Bodkin says she is often touched by the love kids show for their moms' bodies.Mikaela Bodkin Photography

Bodkin says one of her favorite parts of the postpartum photo shoots is seeing how much kids love their moms' bodies.

"They think their mom is perfect — and they are perfect," said Bodkin, offering some advice to moms everywhere. "They shouldn't try to strive to be anything else."