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What should Dylan Dreyer name her third son?

Calvin and Oliver are going to have a new baby brother: vote on your choice for name!
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer’s baby-name suggestion box is open — and TODAY viewers are filling it with ideas.

"We are out of names," Dylan admitted as she shared the news with her co-hosts on the 3rd Hour of TODAY. "Calvin Bradley we love, and we're like, we wish we didn't use Bradley on Calvin because we could have used that for a first name. And Oliver George, we love."

"What if we open it up to the viewers?" Craig Melvin suggested. Say no more!

One person on the TODAY Parents Facebook page encouraged Dylan and her husband, Brian Fichera, to choose a meaningful moniker inspired by their family tree.

Another fan recommended that Dylan and Fichera use the formula of “your favorite place plus your most influential teacher.”

Since Dylan and Fichera are already parents to sons Calvin Bradley, 4, and Oliver George, 16 months, one person said that the couple should pick another name that includes the letter L, such as William or Levi.

“Dylan, name him after you. Dylan James. Call him DJ,” wrote one person on Twitter, using the hashtag #dylanbabynames.

Echoed another, “You have such a wonderful name, I think the baby should have the honor of carrying it as well — what about Robert Dylan? Robby Dylan.”

Knowing that Dylan is partial to old-fashioned names, one person threw out "Solomon, Peter, Jonathan, Ben, Freddie, Daniel, Milo, Archie, Arlie, Robert."

Several people have suggested James as a middle name: Zachary James, Alexander James, Reggie James, Noah James, Jace James.

On Tuesday’s 3rd Hour of TODAY, Dylan, who is due in November, revealed that she and Fichera are struggling with what to call their third son.

“It needs to be something a little old-fashioned,” Dylan said.

Nameberry co-founder Pamela Redmond noted that Dylan and Fichera are drawn to names that "are distinctly masculine without being conventionally so."

"Calvin and Oliver are clearly boys’ names but carry a less traditional male image than names like John and William," Redmond told TODAY Parents.

Redmond thinks Dylan and Fichera should should consider Arthur, Julian, Elliott or Everett, Walter, Silas, August and Maxwell.

"Julian has a prominent letter L in the middle like Oliver and Calvin, six letters," Redmond said.

Arthur, which is Celtic for bear, is "clearly masculine yet has that soft 'th' in the middle," she said, while "August is very close to Calvin in popularity." Redmond also likes Walter, "a formerly-fusty grandpa name turned vintage cool baby name," and Silas because of "the clearly but not conventionally male image, the literary connections, the popularity upswing."

As for Elliott or Everett, "There are no boys’ names with both an L and a V in the middle that sound different enough from Oliver and Calvin and also style appropriate, but Elliot or Everett qualify on one count," Redmond said.

Redmond called Maxwell her "wild card."

"It was my instinctual first pick," she said. "It’s decidedly but not traditionally masculine — even though Jessica Simpson used it for her daughter — similar in popularity to Calvin, rooted in the Latin, and comes with cute nickname Max: Ollie, Cal, and Max sound great together too."