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Pediatrician and father says 8-year-old girls are the 'highest form of humanity.' Here's why

"If you want to know how to be the BEST kind of person, spend time with some 8-year-olds," Dr. Michael Milobsky wrote with his Instagram post.

Dr. Michael Milobsky has an expert tip: When it comes to being a person, take the lead of 8-year-old girls.

The Colorado-based pediatrician with over 20 years of experience and seven children of his own took to Instagram earlier this month to praise 8-year-old girls as the “highest form of humanity.” 

“I spend all day dealing and talking to and interacting with people of all ages,” Milobsky said on an Instagram post before adding, “I just have to say in my own experience as a pediatrician and a parent of seven (that) the highest form of humanity are 8-year-old girls.”

“Eight-year-old girls are magnanimous. They’re sympathetic. They’re empathetic,” he explained enthusiastically. “They’re emotionally mature. They love to help. They love to give. They love to do for others. They’re accepting of everybody. They’re the ones who see the sign for the lost cat and want to go find it.”

After describing them as “just the best people,” Milobsky pitched an idea that certainly would be revolutionary.

“In my opinion, Congress should be all 8-year-old girls,” he continued. “Honestly, the country would be a better place. I said what I said.”

In the caption of his post, Milobsky further emphasized his message to fans writing, “If you want to know how to be the BEST kind of person, spend time with some 8 yr olds.”

Users on Instagram were quick to chime into Milobsky’s comments section and share their positive experiences with girls at this age.

“My youngest daughter is currently 8, and I could not agree with this more,” one user commented. “She is magical, and if I could bottle that magic up, I would sprinkle it over the world and share it with everyone. It really is the most delightful age.”

“My 8-year-old girl keeps wanting to find the lost dog in our neighborhood, so you may be onto something!” another replied. "She is the sweetest. Also, I agree that Congress would be well served to have some 8-year-olds amongst their ranks. Thanks for sharing this!”

In a follow-up post shared on his TikTok page, Milobsky emphasized that 8-year-old boys deserve credit for their personality traits, too.

In the caption of his TikTok, the physician described 8-year-old boys as the “Oceans Eleven” of childhood, adding that “they will come together, pool talents and figure out just about anything.”

Milobsky went on to describe their ability tendency toward “intense collaboration” as their “superpower.”

“Eight-year-old boys are out there in the neighborhood with packs of bicycles going to do something and accomplish something and (to) have an experience or have an adventure,” he remarked.

Just as he proposed putting 8-year-old girls in charge of Congress, Milobsky suggested that 8-year-old boys could run the Army Corps of Engineers.

“Give them a river to cross. Give them a bridge to build,” he explained. “You get enough 8-year-old boys together, and they will figure it out. Eight-year-old boys can 'Ocean’s 11' almost any situation. I said what I said.” reached out to Milobsky for further comment but did not hear back.