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Patrick Mahomes on 'extremely exciting' time in NFL bubble with pregnant fiancée

The Kansas City Chiefs star also said his first holiday as a teenager with fiancée Brittany Matthews was like something out of "Four Christmases."
/ Source: TODAY

The Kansas City Chiefs' 13-1 start to the season hasn't been the only thing superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been enjoying as he gets set to become a father next year.

The NFL's COVID-19 protocols have also meant plenty of quality time at home with his pregnant fianceé, Brittany Lynne Matthews, 25, who is expecting their first child.

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"It's extremely exciting, just going through this process being in the season," Mahomes said on Kansas City's 610 Sports Radio show "The Drive" on Monday. "Being in the bubble, I get to see everything. I get to see her go through the entire process of the pregnancy and everything like that. Doing it during the season, it makes it really cool.

"Hopefully right after the Super Bowl I'm able to bring a little girl into this world and get to become a dad in the offseason and get to see that process as well."

The couple shared in October that they are expecting a girl, using their dogs for a sweet reveal.

They are getting set to celebrate their first Christmas together since Mahomes, 25, proposed in September at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium. Mahomes thought back to their first one together as a couple when the two started dating at Whitehouse High School in Texas.

"I think at that point we had been dating for a couple months," he said. "Just a normal teenage kid showing up at the family dinner type stuff and being nervous and everything.

"We would joke around it was almost like the movie 'Four Christmases.' We had to go to each one of our family members' Christmas parties, and it contains a whole day of going from house to house trying to make sure that we see everybody."

Christmas approaching also raises the question of what you get a person who has a Super Bowl ring, a Super Bowl MVP award and a historic contract extension with the Chiefs for $503 million over 10 years.

"I don't know exactly," Mahomes said. "I know Brittany and my mom, actually, usually give me things that I end up using. ... I feel like those are the best because there's stuff I never think about getting and they get 'em for me, and they end up being some sweet gifts that I'm able to use."

Matthews has also been keeping Mahomes looking stylish, including a pair of red loafers with tassels that he pulled off in the pregame ahead of Sunday's 32-29 win over the New Orleans Saints.

"That was something that Brittany thought would be nice (for the) Christmas season," he said. "We got the little red tassel. I thought it was a good little change-up to brighten up the suit a little bit. It's pretty much just me and Brittany ... just figuring out what we like. She does a good job of helping me out."

The two have also been trying to stay safe after they had to sleep in different rooms in October after Mahomes high-fived another NFL player who later tested positive for COVID-19 following a win over the New England Patriots.

There also is no such thing as football overkill in their home, even on nights Mahomes isn't playing.

"She watches them with me," he said. "We watch every single game together, that's just how she rolls. She's as big a fan as I am, so it works out well for me."