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Parody of Fifth Harmony's 'Work from Home' reveals what moms really find sexy

The men in Fifth Harmony's "Work from Home" video get competition from dads who come home to do childcare in this parody video.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

In the video for Fifth Harmony's hit "Work from Home," women dance through a construction site, trying to lure their men home with promises of a romantic bedroom rendezvous. Now the women behind YouTube sketch comedy group JustBoobs have created their own version with moms singing about what makes dads attractive — coming home from work mid-day to help with the kids.

"I know you're always at the office, but I can't stand nap time alone. I promise you some fun adult time, I just need to find a comb," the women sing in the video as they text sexy selfies to their partners in an attempt to lure them home.

When the men do arrive, the moms are quick to hop into a bath with a glass of wine or head to yoga class — things that often aren't possible with infants and toddlers underfoot.

Work from home parody video
In their parody of Fifth Harmony's hit "Work from Home," the ladies of YouTube comedy group JustBoobs attempt to lure their partners home to help with the kids, so they can relax and get some alone time.Awestruck Post / VIMEO

When the dads have fulfilled their childcare duties, the ladies do offer up some "fun adult time," only to find that their partners have passed out from exhaustion.

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Stephanie Carrie, one of the comedians in the video, says as a mom, she knows the feeling.

"Women have always been multi-taskers...They continue to live full lives and identities in addition to being awesome moms," Carrie told TODAY Parents. "We teamed up with Awestruck to write this parody as a celebration of the incredible, multi-faceted identity of the modern mother."

"We also wanted to point out that moms are super sexy — we wanted to throw that in, too," Carrie continued.

Work from home parody video
The ladies of JustBoobs say one of the reasons they created the parody was to celebrate how hard moms work, and how sexy they are.Awestruck Post / VIMEO

Speaking of sexy moms, how to the ladies of JustBoobs feel they compare to the women of Fifth Harmony?

"They got ripped abs, we got baby belly," the ladies sing in the parody. "Doesn't matter 'cause we love our bodies...Their dudes are sexy in their tiny white tees, ours are hot when they coparent 50/50."

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