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'At the park, in the dark': Funny video showcases all the places moms breastfeed

"In a meeting...while it's sleeting...workin'...twerkin." See a new mom's list of appropriate places to breastfeed in this funny video.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

The family that gave us a tour of their baby’s nursery with an MTV Cribs parody is channeling another pop culture icon in their latest video — a collection of Dr. Seuss-like rhymes that answer the question “Where to breastfeed?

“With a friend…while you spend…on top of a mountain…inside of a fountain,” the video answers, while showing new mom Caryn Canatella breastfeeding her seven-month-old daughter, Cecilia, in a variety of places.

Canatella, who vlogs with her husband, Bryan, on their YouTube channel, says since giving birth to Cecilia, she has been fascinated by the amount of people who have taken the time to comment on her public breastfeeding.

Canatella says she and her husband, Bryan, have been surprised at the comments they've received from strangers about her breastfeeding Cecilia in public.Caryn Canatella

“It is incredible the amount of opinions you face for every parenting decision, but how you choose feed your baby seems to suddenly be of interest to everyone you know — even strangers on the street,” Canatella told TODAY Parents. “Being told to cover up when I’m feeding my baby, which has happened on several occasions, is silly and unnecessary.”

As the video continues, Canatella models a wide variety of places where breastfeeding is “ok,” from on a date with your spouse to lakeside on vacation.

“In a meeting…while it’s sleeting…workin’…twerkin’…at the park…in the dark,” the video reads.

Canatella, who partnered with her favorite brand of nursing gear, Latched Mama, to create the video, says she hopes the video starts a conversation about the fact that there is no shame in public breastfeeding.

The Canatella's baby, Cecilia is now seven months old.Caryn Canatella

“Breastfeeding should be no big deal at all,” said Canatella. “I wish people reacted (to seeing someone breastfeeding in public) by not reacting at all. It’s as normal and ancient a practice as breathing, and it should be about as big of a deal as that. I hope this video helps women see they should feel no shame in feeding their child the way nature has provided.”