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5 typing games for kids that are both fun and free

Typing games can be a great tool to make learning fun for kids of all ages.
Free typing games for kids can be a fun way to learn important skills at home.
Free typing games for kids can be a fun way to learn important skills at home.Cavan Images / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Children are familiar with the digital world at younger and younger ages than ever before. While not all schools teach it anymore, knowing how to type is a crucial skill for everyone.

Free typing games for kids can help children learn how to navigate a computer while practicing a valuable skill.

Education-based websites like ABCYa, and Arcademics have a variety of free typing games for kids that span difficulty levels and age ranges.

Cup Stacking

For kids seeking a way to improve speed and accuracy, Cup Stacking is a typing game that helps practice typing quickly. Kids can stack — and un-stack — a collection of primary colored cups. Be wary of the timer in the upper left corner tracking speed.

Keyboard Zoo

Built for elementary school kids, Keyboard Zoo first prompts users to pick a game based on letter names or letter sounds. The program encourages kids to match letters on the screen to letters on their keyboard in this easy typing game.

Owl Planes

Pick your owl plane and head out on a typing adventure of flying through the sky, but only if each keystroke is correct. Kids will need both accuracy and speed to maneuver planes through the air, as new words appear at the bottom of the screen. But don't look back, other owl-manned planes are racing you to the finish.


Get ready to pop-pop-pop! Kids playing Type-A-Balloon can hone their typing skills by choosing a difficulty level (hard, medium or easy) and a lesson type, which can be the entire keyboard or specific areas.

Jungle Racing

Kids can take their typing skills to the heart of the jungle with this fast-paced typing game that races animals driving cars. Users can type in their name and choose an animal for racing. How fast you move is dependent upon keystrokes and accuracy, so start those engines.