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Tia Mowry shares why she is nostalgic for breastfeeding

The "Sister, Sister" alum is feeling emotional as Cairo's birthday approaches.
Tia Mowry is getting ready to celebrate little Cairo's birthday, and reminiscing on the special bond of breastfeeding.
Tia Mowry is getting ready to celebrate little Cairo's birthday, and reminiscing on the special bond of breastfeeding.@tiamowry / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

As her daughter's birthday approaches, Tia Mowry is feeling nostalgic, but not just because her little girl is getting older.

Over the weekend, the actor shared a carousel of photos breastfeeding daughter, Cairo, who turns 4 on May 5.

"You guys, since it’s almost Cairo’s birthday, I started looking through old photos and remembered how much I loved breastfeeding her," the mom of two captioned the snaps, which show her both breastfeeding and pumping milk for her daughter.

She continued, "It was so beautiful to be able to feed my baby with my own body and any time her little eyes locked with mine, I felt my heart explode. It was the best feeling in the world and I cried when it was over!"

While Mowry, 43, reminisced on such a "special" time, she asked, "Any other mamas feel the same?"

More than 4,000 fellow parents weighed in on Mowry's post.

"20 months and I am still breastfeeding, but I am sure I will cry when it will be over," one mom wrote.

Another chimed in, "This is beautiful! I loved breastfeeding my 3rd (wasn’t able to with my first 2). It’s such an amazing journey!"

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Others sympathized with Mowry's emotions.

"I can relate 100%!" one moment wrote. "I cried so bad when my last baby said he was done. I knew I would never get to experience that again, but I’m so proud and grateful that I was able to breastfeed my babies for almost 3.5 years of my life."

It's not the first time the "Sister, Sister" star, who is also mom to son, Cree, 10, with husband Cory Hardrict, has been candid about motherhood.

Touching on the topic of “snapback culture” in October 2021, Mowry encouraged women to love their bodies during and after pregnancy.

“I think instead we can look at our bodies and love and acknowledge them for keeping us alive and keeping our babies alive!” Mowry captioned a carousel of photos on Instagram at the time. “Mamas, we can allow our bodies to just BE while we nourish them (and our little ones!) with good things, instead of buying into the snapback culture.”