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‘Sex and the City’ star Willie Garson’s son honors dad 1 year after his death: ‘My best friend’

"He wasn’t just my father, he was my best friend," Garson's son, Nathen, wrote in a loving tribute.

Willie Garson's son, Nathen Garson, is remembering the "Sex and the City" star in a heartfelt tribute on the one-year anniversary of the late actor's death.

The younger Garson opened up Wednesday on Instagram about how much he missed his father's "dad jokes," and detailed how the actor always inspired him to do his best.

"Wow. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since this beautiful bald man that I can proudly call my dad passed away. Besides his head, I think I miss his laugh and smile the most. Because I knew that whenever he was laughing he wasn’t the only one laughing," Nathen Garson wrote alongside pics of the father-son duo over the years.

Garson recalled how easily the "White Collar" star could talk to anyone he met — and how he loved telling jokes to make people laugh.

"He had a gift of being able to talk to literally anyone he came into contact with and make them either laugh or awkwardly smile from a joke he had probably just told them. I had heard the same 3 or 4 dad jokes from the time I moved in at 7 to when I turned 15. So at least a hundred times each joke and I would beg him to get a new joke," he wrote. "Now, however, I wouldn’t be upset to hear him say those same jokes a thousand or even a million more times."

Willie Garson and Nathen Garson
Nathen Garson, right, honored his late father, "Sex and the City" star Willie Garson, on the one-year anniversary of the actor's death.Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for IMDb

Willie Garson adopted Nathen Garson in 2009 when Nathen was a boy. In his emotional tribute, the younger Garson called his father "my best friend" and credited the actor with inspiring him to do his best and to care about others.

"He wasn’t just my father, he was my best friend and a mentor before I even knew what that was," wrote Nathen Garson. "He inspired me when I was younger to be better than I ever thought I could and because of that I try to always do better.

"I would not be where I am today if not for him," he continued. "I wouldn’t be who I am if not for him. He taught me to care about others and showed me how to love when all I had ever know was to fight for myself and care only about myself."

Garson concluded his post by encouraging others to "live life to its fullest" as his father had done.

"Life comes and goes way too quick so cherish everyone and say hi to a stranger every once in a while because you never know when you could meet your next best friend. That’s how my dad met me," he wrote.

"Thank you for all the lessons dad ❤️," he added.

Willie Garson died on Sept. 21, 2021 of pancreatic cancer at age 57.

The same day, Nathen Garson honored his late father in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

“I love you so much papa,” he wrote. “Rest In Peace and I’m so glad you got to share all your adventures with me and were able to accomplish so much. I’m so proud of you.”

He continued, “I will always love you, but I think it’s time for you to go on an adventure of your own. You’ll always be with me.”

“Love you more than you will ever know and I’m glad you can be at peace now,” he added. “You always were the toughest and funniest and smartest person I’ve known. I’m glad you shared you’re love with me. I’ll never forget it or lose it ❤️😘.”

The following month, Nathen Garson paid tribute to Willie Garson again when he shared a photo and video on Instagram that showed the father and son enjoying a night out together.

In the video, the duo show off their dance moves on a dance floor. They pose together — with the older Garson making a funny face — in the accompanying pic.

“Missing you papa,” Nathen Garson wrote in his caption. “Love you to the moon and back x1,000,000,000 ❤️❤️ I’m sure your (sic) dancing and listening to the music you love on your adventure. Have a blast 😘.”