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Just like dad! See Carson Daly’s son, Jackson, interview Matthew McConaughey

Jackson certainly held his own when he sat down with one of Hollywood's biggest stars.
/ Source: TODAY

Carson Daly’s son is growing up right before our eyes.

Jackson Daly interviewed Matthew McConaughey about the actor’s new movie, “Sing 2,” in the latest episode of “NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition.” The 12-year-old was calm, cool and collected as he asked the Hollywood star all about his family film.

“Do your kids like that you’re in ‘Sing 2?’” Jackson asked.

“They do. I’m a little more cool around the dinner table now,” McConaughey replied, echoing comments he made on TODAY earlier this week.

Jackson Daly, right, interviewing the one and only Matthew McConaughey.
Jackson Daly, right, interviewing the one and only Matthew McConaughey.Nightly News

Jackson noted that it’s been a rough two years for children, between COVID-19 and home-schooling, so he asked the Oscar winner about “the overall takeaway that kids can get from this movie.”

“This is a time we’re going through that we’re starting to come out of,” McConaughey said.

“Trust yourself. Trust that what you believe in before the trouble came, before the pandemic came, before you were being home-schooled. Trust that maybe you just got out of this and you’re a little worse for the wear, but if you survive and get out the other side of this, hey, everyone went through it. Knowing that everyone went through it makes it easier to deal with personally.”

Jackson may have endured home-schooling, but that didn't stop him from getting an education in TV. In April 2020, he helped his dad work from home by holding up homemade graphics during PopStart.

That same month, he also appeared on “NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition.”

“That was pretty cool,” Carson said on TODAY. “I’ll tell you what, I’m really proud of the kid, just for getting up and working and not slacking off like it’s summertime around here.”