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See the 21 funniest parents on social media this holiday season

These moms and dads of the internet made us laugh out loud.
/ Source: TODAY

Great job, moms and dads. We did it! The holidays are here and if a task on your list isn't already done — just leave it.

Whether you have been threatening to cancel Christmas or attempting to pull sticky candy canes off the couch, it helps knowing that parents everywhere are navigating the same season.

Join us as we count down the most relatable and laugh-worthy parenting posts on social media as we head into this holiday weekend. And congratulations — that elf can go home.

1. One antler shy of a meltdown.

2. Woof, woof.

3. We don't want to know about day two.

4. Ba-dum-pum.

5. Silent night.

6. Let us know.

7. You'll shoot your eye out.

8. You asked Santa for ... what?

9. Sorry, son.

10. The magic of the season.

11. Living the dream.

12. I think we are done.

13. You can't sit with us.

14. What is personal space?

15. Where did that come from?

16. We see you.

17. Why risk it?

18. Ah yes, 'tis the season.

19. Burn baby, burn.

20. Oh thank goodness.

21. Proceed with caution.