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‘No no no no not again’: School shooting survivors, families react to Texas tragedy

Following the Robb Elementary school shooting in Texas, frustrated survivors speak out.
/ Source: TODAY

Survivors of past school shootings and victims' families are speaking out after the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

"Texans across the street are grieving for the victims of this senseless crime and for the community of Uvalde," Texas governor Greg Abbot tweeted on Tuesday.

The tragedy at Robb Elementary is the 27th shooting that's taken place at a K-12 school or college or university in 2022, according to The Violence Project, a non-profit research center which has been tracking school shootings.

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"I am speechless," tweeted Fred Guttenberg, the father of 14-year-old Jamie, who died in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. in February 2018, that killed 17 people.

"No no no no not again," tweeted Lauren Hogg, the sister of David Hogg, both of whom survived the Parkland shootings.

Lauren also tweeted, "Heartbroken. Thinking of the families going through what no one should ever have to go through (right now) and the young kids who will be dealing with this trauma for the rest of their education and their lives."

Parkland survivor X Gonzales tweeted a Tuesday video of Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy on the Senate floor stating, "Just days after a shooter walked into a grocery store to gun down African American patrons we have another Sandy Hook on our hands.”

Aalayah Eastmond, another Parkland shooting survivor, re-tweeted a list of past school shootings, writing, “It’s really the fact that there’s hundreds in between all of these shootings!!”

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Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit organization co-founded by Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden whose children Dylan and Daniel (respectively) were among the 20 children and six adults killed in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., tweeted:

"We are devastated about reports that multiple people are dead, including children. Our hearts are with the families and community as this tragic story unfolds."

"Do 2nd, 3rd, & 4th graders not have the right to feel safe at school?" wrote Mia Tretta, who survived the 2019 shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, Calif. which killed two students and left her shot in the stomach. "Do they not have the right to live while getting an education? Kids shouldn’t die at the sake of the antiquated 2nd amendment. The pain never stops."