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How to help Sandy Hook, 10 years later: Here are all the organizations started by victims’ families compiled a list of 26 organizations and charities that were started in honor of the victims. If you want to help, this is one place to start.
In honor of the ten-year anniversary of the shooting, TODAY compiled a list of the victims' names and organizations started in their honor.
In honor of the ten-year anniversary of the shooting, TODAY compiled a list of the victims' names and organizations started in their honor.MSNBC
/ Source: TODAY

This Wednesday marks the ten-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut; a shooter entered the school and killed 26 elementary school students and teachers.

In honor of the ten-year mark, TODAY has compiled a list of all of the victims' names and ages, in addition to the organizations started by their families to honor them. If you're looking for a way to help, this is one place to start.

Thanks to Nelba Márquez-Greene, mother of Ana Grace, who regularly shares families' preferred charity links on Twitter.

Charlotte Helen Bacon, age 6

Charlotte's family established a foundation in her name called the Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation (previously known as "Newtown Kindness"). According to the website, the foundation helps to fund four programs in honor of the "precocious, independent and joyful 6 year old": Charlotte's Litter Therapy Dog Program, The Charlotte Bacon Veterinarian Scholarship, The Charlotte Bacon Selah Scholarship and The Charlotte Bacon Bereavement and Grief Research Initiative.

Charlotte's parents, with a friend, have also published a book in honor of their daughter called "Good Dogs, Great Listeners." Charlotte's brother, Guy Bacon, also wrote a book called "The Dogs of Newtown."

Daniel Barden, age 7

Daniel Barden's family created the "What Would Daniel Do" campaign to honor his legacy of kindness. Additionally, Daniel's father, Mark Barden, is one of the founders of Sandy Hook Promise.

Olivia Rose Engel, age 6

Olivia's family has started a website in her honor, where they ask people to learn more about Olivia and consider donating to the Newtown Park and & Bark Project in her honor.

Josephine Gay, age 7

Josephine's family, who know her as Joey, have started Joey's Fund in honor of her to support families in New England looking for resources to help family members with autism. Joey's mother, Michele Gay, is also one of the founders of Safe and Sound Schools, promoting improved school security.

Ana Grace Márquez-Greene, age 6

Ana's family established The Ana Grace Project, which supports arts education and worked with schools to create the "Love Wins" curriculum to promote love and community. The organization has also brought professional development initiatives to provide training in counseling and other trauma-related care to communities that need them.

Dylan Hockley, age 6

Dylan's family created Dylan's Wings of Change, a foundation supporting children with autism and special needs. Dylan's mother, Nicole Hockley, is also one of the founders and managing directors of Sandy Hook Promise.

Madeleine F. Hsu, age 6

Madeleine's family described her as "a petite princess with a big personality" on My Sandy Hook Family, a website devoted to remembering their loved ones. Madeleine also loved music and swimming, in addition to riding her bike "without training wheels the day they were taken off."

Catherine Violet Hubbard, age 6

Following Catherine's love for nurturing animals, her family created the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary, which was awarded over 34 acres of Connecticut farm land in 2014 to house the sanctuary. The sanctuary hosts events and fosters the bond between humans, animals and the environment.

Chase Kowalski, age 7

Chase's family has set up the CMAK Foundation to honor the "amazing little boy," according to the foundation's website. The foundation supports programs for children's physical and emotional well-being, along with hosting Race4Chase, a triathlon program for kids.

Jesse Lewis, age 6

Jesse's family remembers his last moments, when he saved lives by telling his friends to run. To honor his legacy, his family created the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, which supports social and emotional learning programs for teachers and students.

James Radley Mattioli, age 6

James' family described him as "all boy," enjoying wrestling fights with his dad and swimming. His family committed to support the programs that brought him joy through donations to the James R. Mattioli Memorial Fund.

Grace McDonnell, age 7

Grace had a love for art, her family wrote, and so they started the Grace McDonnell Memorial Fund to support young artists and art programs for youth.

Emilie Parker, age 6

Emilie is remembered for being an "exceptional artist," her family wrote. To honor her legacy, Emilie's parents founded the Emilie Parker Art Connection to support art programs in schools. Emilie's mother, Alissa Parker, is also one of the founders of Safe and Sound Schools and has written a book called "An Unseen Angel."

Jack Pinto, age 6

Jack is remembered for his love for sports and athletics. His family has honored his memory through donations to Kids in the Game, which provides funds for athletic programs in underfunded schools.

Noah Pozner, age 6

Noah loved playing with Legos and had an "unbreakable and unbroken bond" with his twin sister, who survived the shooting. His father created the HONR Network, which targets conspiracy theorists who claim that the shooting is a hoax. It also aims to empower victims and provide education to the broader community.

Caroline Previdi, age 6

Caroline, who loved the arts and performing, inspired her family to found the Caroline Previdi Foundation. The foundation aims to help support kids without financial resources so they can engage in extracurricular activities.

Jessica Rekos, age 6

Jessica's family remembers her as an avid horseback rider with a love for Orca whales. For over eight years, her family ran the Jessica Rekos Foundation to honor her memory, but the foundation is now closing down. The family asks for people to donate instead to the Whale & Dolphin Conservation in Jessica's name.

Avielle Richman, age 6

Avielle's family has created the Avielle Initiative at the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus to support projects advancing technology solutions through science. The initiative focuses on brain health, meditation, peer support, empathy and emotions.

Benjamin Wheeler, age 6

Ben's family remembers him as someone who loved lighthouses. To honor his memory, his family started a community organization called Ben's Lighthouse to empower children and teens and foster emotional growth and self-awareness.

Allison N. Wyatt, age 6

Allison is remembered by her family as a "kind-hearted little girl" who loved drawing and wanted to be an artist. She had drawn a final picture for her first grade teacher, who was also killed in the shooting, and signed it with "I love you, Love Allie."

Rachel D'Avino, age 29

Rachel was a behavioral specialist at the school, and her family wrote that she had "an unrelenting determination and a clear focus on helping adults and children with autism." According to My Sandy Hook Family, Rachel's family supports the Autism Speaks foundation in honor of her memory.

Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, age 47

Dawn, Sandy Hook Elementary's school principal, is remembered by her family for being "strong, confident, inspiring and compassionate." Her family established the Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Memorial Fund in her honor.

Anne Marie Murphy, age 52

On the My Sandy Hook Family website, Anne Marie's family wrote, "Thank you for respecting our privacy." The Connecticut Paraeducator of the Year award was named after her in 2013.

Lauren Rousseau, age 30

Lauren, a teacher at the school, is remembered for being "a sensitive and focused young woman." Her family set up two scholarships to defray the costs for people training to be elementary school teachers: The Lauren Rousseau Memorial Scholarship, Danbury High School Scholarship Fund, 43 Clapboard Ridge Rd, Danbury, CT 06811 and the Lauren Rousseau Memorial Scholarship, University of Bridgeport Graduate School of Education, 126 Park Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604.

Mary Sherlach, age 56

Mary was the school psychologist at Sandy Hook and one of the first to be killed that day. Her family established Mary's Fund to provide access to mental health for children and teens who might find it inaccessible in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Victoria Soto, age 27

Victoria was "living her dream teaching first grade," her family said, and is remembered by her family as having a "zest for life." To honor her memory, her family created a foundation called The Vicki Soto Memorial Fund to provide scholarships to students desiring to become teachers and to collect and donate new books to schools in need.