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Refugee camp throws a surprise birthday party for a 7-year-old from Ukraine

An emotional video of the celebration has more than 16,000 views.
Arina was treated to singing, cake and presents.
Arina was treated to singing, cake and presents.ISU „Bucovina" Suceava/ Facebook
/ Source: TODAY

Volunteers at a refugee camp in Romania really know how to make a girl smile.

A now-viral video posted March 3 on the Facebook page of ISU Suceava, a local "emergency situations" service, showed a Romanian refugee camp throwing a surprise birthday celebration for a young girl named Arina.

In the video, a beaming Arina, 7, emerged from a blue tent to a chorus of volunteers singing "Happy Birthday" while one placed a bright pink birthday hat on the girl's head.

The surprise celebration happened after a psychologist working at the camp learned from Arina's mother that it was the girl's seventh birthday.

"He posted the information on their social group, and his colleagues surprised him," the caption of the video stated, adding that colleagues brought cake, balloons and presents. "Everyone in the camp mobilized, including the local authorities, and together organized a special moment for the little birthday girl."

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The caption shared that the mother was overcome with emotion seeing everyone celebrate her daughter.

"At least for a few moments, Arina was happy to be the center of attention," the caption read. "We hope that among her memories of this complicated period, she will receive this moment when she was smiling, and we, in our souls."

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Birthday wishes have poured in for Arina from around the world.

"Happy birthday, may you be blessed with health and peace!" one commenter shared.

Another wrote, "Happy birthday, beautiful and innocent child! May later in your life you only remember these good wishes."

In addition to sharing Arina's birthday joy, ISU Suceava elaborated on the work of the psychologists at the camp in its Facebook post.

“The work of the volunteer psychologists of ISU Suceava, in the Mobile Camp at the Siret City Stadium, is an essential one,” the caption reads when translated into English. “They are involved in their noble mission, both professionally and emotionally. Try(ing) to drive away the suffering of those fallen here by empathizing with them and giving them all the support they need.”

According to the U.N. Refugee Agency, more than 2 million refugees have fled Ukraine since Russia began invading on Feb. 24. As of March 8, an estimated 85,000 have sought safety and assistance in Romania.