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Photographer shares what ruins family photo shoots — and it’s not who you think

Your cranky kids aren't the problem.
A photographer shared a TikTok video venting about "pouting" dads.
A photographer shared a TikTok video venting about "pouting" dads.Justin Geoffrey / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

A photographer is calling out dads for ruining family portraits with their sulking attitudes.  

“I cannot express to you guys how many men show up to photo shoots throwing a fit because they have to be there,” a TikTok user, who goes by the name @hannahholpay, began in a video published on Oct. 10.

“This is so frustrating because nine times out of ten, the dads and their bad attitude are what’s holding us up,” she continued. 

Hannah said that it drives her “insane” when she hears men complaining because they have to pose for some pictures. She noted that many women book these pricey sessions because their husbands never take photos of them with their kids.

Moms just want “memories” for their kids to look back on after they’ve passed away, Hannah said. 

“And you’re sitting here complaining because you have to spend a half an hour to an hour taking photos with the family that you created? Grow up,” she quipped. “I would rather a million times over do a photo shoot for kids who are screaming and crying because they didn’t sleep well the night before... than do a photo shoot with a dude who’s got a s--- attitude.”

“You put into words everything I feel about men and photo shoots,” one person wrote in the comments.

Added another, “Their attitude always influences how the kids act as well, at least in my experience. If dad is cooperative, kids are too. If he’s not, they’re not.” 

Hannah made her TikTok in response to a woman who shared a clip of herself crying in her car after a stressful photo shoot. 

“My son didn’t sleep well last night so he threw a fit the entire time. And my husband ruined things because he had to go play Xbox,” @lukesmom21 captioned her video, in part. “I felt ugly the entire time.”

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