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Nurse shares ‘inspirational’ quotes from clueless dads in the delivery room

One guy asked if his wife could move to a birthing ball so he could sleep in the bed.
@hollyd_rn via TikTok
/ Source: TODAY

A labor and delivery nurse who has seen — and heard — it all is turning insensitive comments from dads into inspirational quotes. 

In a now-viral TikTok video, Holly, 30, shares some of the absurd remarks men have uttered while their partners were pushing. The hilarious clip is set to “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. 

Some gems you'll want to stitch on a pillow:

“I think you should just get a C-section. This is taking too long.” 

“Sew an extra stitch down there for me, doc. We want everything just the way it was before all of this.”

“Are you sure you want an epidural? My mom didn’t have one. Before you make a decision, we should talk about it.”

“How long is this gonna take? I have plans this weekend.”

The video was so popular that Holly posted a Part 2 with more ridiculous remarks such as, “Can you move to the birthing ball, so I can sleep in the bed?” and “Do you guys do DNA tests here, my mom wants me to get one before we leave.”

Holly, who has been a labor and delivery nurse for six years, requested that her last name be withheld to protect her privacy. 

“Sometimes the moms think it’s funny — and if they think it’s funny, then I’ll laugh with them,” Holly told TODAY Parents. “But if they get upset, I’ll try to be the buffer. I’ll change the subject.”

Holly said she has seen many dads miss the birth of their child because they were in such a deep sleep or distracted on their phones. 

The most successful couples are the ones who have some sort of birthing plan in place, Holly said. She pointed to one patient who knew she wanted to eat while in labor.

“Her husband made this portable vending machine with snacks in all different flavors and it was the sweetest thing,” Holly said. “He found the perfect way to support her.” 

Some don'ts: Holly has observed that pregnant women don’t like when a partner shares their thoughts on pain medication. They also get irritated when he stares at the fetal monitor and asks about each contraction. 

“She can feel it!” Holly quipped. “You don’t need to ask her if she felt it. Trust me, she did.”

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