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This kindergartner had a hysterical response to her teacher's math assignment

Everyone answered yes, so it appears there are no nut allergies.
Izzy understood the assignment.
Izzy understood the assignment.Courtesy Tara
/ Source: TODAY

One Pennsylvania mom got a serious laugh when her daughter brought home a recent project from school.

Earlier this week, Tara, who asked to have her last name withheld for privacy reasons, was checking her daughter Izzy's homework folder after school.

"I check her twin sister and her homework folders when they get home from school and had a very hard time keeping a straight face," the mom of three told TODAY Parents.

Tucked inside Izzy's folder was a worksheet the kindergartner had completed at school.

"The assignment was to ask a question that they could survey high school students to practice tally marks and counting," Tara said.

On the lined sheet of paper, the 6-year-old had practiced sounding out words to prompt the high schoolers for her poll question.

Do you like peanuts? Everyone said yes.
Do you like peanuts? Everyone said yes.Courtesy Tara

Her teacher had taken the time to correct the innocent misspelling.

"She was so excited because they made the trip over to some high school students to ask her survey question," Tara explained, adding there was no additional note in her daughter's folder. "Seeing that her teacher corrected the incorrect spelling to the correct, I figured there had to be something."

The next day, Tara opened up her email.

"Her teacher wrote me and said, ‘Good afternoon! So, this afternoon we were learning how to write survey questions in math. I got a good laugh out of Isabelle’s question and wonderful kid writing! Hope it brings laughter to your evening as well!’" Tara shared.

As for Izzy's project, she correctly identified that seven high schoolers like peanuts.

“We are now looking for a spelling tutor if anyone is available," Tara joked.