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Joanna Gaines’ 4-year-old son helps her out in the kitchen: ‘My little sous chef’

The "Fixer Upper" star's youngest child, Crew, helped his mom cook a meal.

Joanna Gaines got a helping hand from her 4-year-old son, Crew, while prepping a meal in the kitchen.

Over the weekend, the "Fixer Upper" star, 44, shared a video on Instagram showing little Crew assisting and acting as her official taster while making a pot of pasta sauce.

Joanna Gaines' youngest child, Crew, 4, helped his mom cook spaghetti sauce in the kitchen.
Joanna Gaines' youngest child, Crew, 4, helped his mom cook spaghetti sauce in the kitchen.@joannagaines via Instagram

In the video, which is set to an orchestral rendition of “That’s Amore,” Crew is seen dipping a tiny spoon into the sauce to sample it. It must have been delicious because Crew immediately dips the spoon into the pot again for a second taste.

Viewers then see a montage of Crew’s small hands helping to cook what appears to be ground beef, assembling fresh basil on a cutting board, and counting bay leaves before tossing the herbs into the sauce.

“My little sous chef,” the HGTV star captioned the clip with a heart emoji.

Crew also acted as his mom's official taster during the meal preparation.
Crew also acted as his mom's official taster during the meal preparation.@joannagaines via Instagram

Gaines shares Crew and sons Drake, 17, and Duke, 14, and daughters Ella, 15, and Emmie Kay, 12, with husband and co-star Chip Gaines.

In April, Chip Gaines posted an adorable video showing him jogging beside Crew during the third annual Silo District Marathon in Waco, Texas. 

“Good job,” the proud dad tells his youngest son as the pair trot together. “Dang, Crew! You’re beating us.”

It was Crew's first time running in the event but not his first time attending. When he was 10 months old, Chip pushed him in a stroller for a half-marathon.

Meanwhile, the Gaineses' eldest son, Drake, is also making his parents proud. Joanna Gaines opened up in the Fall issue of Magnolia Journal about how emotional it's been to send Drake off to college this year.

“In the grand scheme of heartbreaking things, this one comes with a lot of gratitude and excitement,” Gaines wrote. “But still, my first child is moving away, and our family dynamic will change because of it, and that can feel like a loss of its own.”

“I catch glimpses now of what life will look like and wonder if — or how many times — that might bring me to the floor," she added.

In her essay, Gaines said she and her husband, who tied the knot in 2003, had faced many hardships in their decades together.

"Chip and I have experienced a little bit of all of it. Losing a loved one. Shifts in friendships. Bills we couldn’t pay. Moments where our hearts were broken," she wrote. "Times when all hope felt lost and circumstances were out of our control. When all I could think to do was lay facedown on the floor in surrender."

But, she's learned that just like with nature, people experience seasons of change and often grow as a consequence. Watching Drake leave the family's home is something Gaines knows is part of "the great wheel of transformation."

"Seasons evolve. Leaves change. We, too, are part of this great becoming," she wrote.