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Jenna Bush Hager shares the surprise gesture her husband once made on Presidents Day

A singing telegram? Yes, that's not a typo.
/ Source: TODAY

Presidents Day probably holds a little more meaning to Jenna Bush Hager given that both her father, George W. Bush, and grandfather, George H.W. Bush, served as commander in chief.

While her family doesn't celebrate the day with a cake, the TODAY with Hoda & Jenna co-host says her husband, Henry, once injected some old-timey flair to the occasion.

“Henry once sent a singing telegram to my dad’s office. He sent a singing telegram that was like, ‘Happy Presidents Day!’” she said Monday while singing the name of the holiday. It’s unclear if he was still president at the time, but Jenna did say her father was amused by the stunt.

GOP Convention Concludes
President George W. Bush's family, including, from left to right: daughter Barbara, first lady Laura Bush, daughter Jenna, former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, applaud on the final night of the Republican National Convention on Sept. 2, 2004, at Madison Square Garden in New York City.Alex Wong / Getty Images

“He liked it,” she added.

“That was the first year. Since then, he sort of, his president has dwindled off, every year, a little more,” Jenna said.

Jenna also says her daughter Poppy, 6, is curious about what kind of perks the family gets on Presidents Day.

“Poppy goes, ‘So, can we go on Air Force One?’ And we were like, ‘No,’” she said. “‘Can we go anywhere cool?’ ‘No.’”

Hoda then brought up how Jenna used to assume that all grandfathers had a moment in the sun when her grandfather, who died in 2018, was inaugurated.

“‘So when is your dad’s inauguration?’ Jenna joked about how she acted. ‘And they were like, ‘No.’”

Jenna was certainly not alone, though, as her twin sister, Barbara, had similar thoughts.

“Barbara thought that it was just a special holiday for granddads. She thought that all granddads were celebrated.”

She added that Barbara thought “an inauguration really was just a grandpa day. She had no idea that it was just one grandpa.”

Even though she grew up a political blueblood, Jenna has never let it go to her head and has worked to dispel any stereotypes about her.

“It’s hard to tell what people think about me, but I think probably maybe that I’m not a hard worker,’’ she said when she and Hoda appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" in 2020. “I try to fight against that a little.”

“I think you’re one of the most down-to-earth people,’’ Hoda said. “You never get that feeling that you’ve lived any other kind of life than the lives we’ve lived.”

Jenna also said her father did everything he could to guarantee his daughters could experience a traditional childhood.

“When my dad became president, he was like, ‘Don’t worry. You can be normal,’” Jenna said last November on the “Making Space with Hoda Kotb” podcast. “Like, he just wanted to give us what we wanted, but obviously we couldn’t. But I think he really believed that.”