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Guy Fieri reveals the parenting rule that led to his son driving a minivan for a year

Ryder is not cruising in a Camaro, that's for sure.
/ Source: TODAY

No free rides for Guy Fieri's sons. At least not until they've proven they can handle the open road.

The “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” star told People in this week's cover story that he has a rule for sons Hunter, 26, and Ryder, 16, regarding their first car.

“Show me that you can spend a year driving the car, not getting any dents, not getting any wrecks, not getting any tickets. Prove that you’ve got it all together," Fieri, 54, told People. "Then you can take your own money out of the bank and go buy a car.”

With his firm rule in place, the restaurateur, who is seen in a red Camaro in nearly every episode of his show, revealed what his younger son, Ryder, is driving these days.

“You know what Ryder drove to school (when) he got his license? He got my parents’ old, used, 259,000-mile Chrysler minivan,” Fieri told the outlet.

The proud dad noted he was not buying Ryder a car, and wasn't allowing the 16-year-old to buy one, either.

“I refuse to let him buy a car until he spends one year with no tickets, no accidents, driving the minivan," Fieri said.

Fieri said he's not just trying to play hard ball with the rule. The dad of two is looking out for the future of his sons.

“I want the boys to be self-sufficient,” Fieri told the outlet.

Fieri's parenting technique is not lost on the boys.

“He’s a great teacher and a great father and leads by example,” Hunter told People. “He does the right things to train you for the real world. And teaches you discipline and hard work and to not give up, and that not everyone’s going to hold your hand through life.”