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Try not to smile when you hear this toddler say 'quesadilla'

... and more happy, heartwarming stories and videos to end the week.
/ Source: TODAY

So many of of the stories and images coming out of Ukraine this week have been devastating. We're looking for bright spots in a dark time, and we found a few to share with you in case you missed them.

In Ukraine and in refugee camps, love and kindness still bring moments of happiness

Though videos — often taken by parents themselves on their cell phones — showed so much sadness and destruction from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, there were also glimpses of joy and hope.

In one, a Romanian refugee camp threw a makeshift surprise seventh birthday party for a girl named Arina after a psychologist working at the camp learned from her mother that it was her birthday.

ISU Suceava, a local "emergency situations" service, posted a video of the party that went viral. In the video's caption, the organization wrote, “At least for a few moments, Arina was happy to be the center of attention. We hope that among her memories of this complicated period, she will receive this moment when she was smiling, and we, in our souls.”

The voice of a little girl caught the attention of the world

Down in the depths of a crowded bomb shelter in Kyiv, Ukraine, a little girl doing something normal for little girls — singing the song "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen" in her native language — brought peace and hope to her fellow companions, if only for a moment.

The video of the girl's spontaneous performance quickly spread. Even Idina Menzel herself, who gave her voice to Elsa and sang the iconic song in the movie, saw it.

We apologize, this video has expired.

The video of her singing is lifting spirits there and all over the world, but it is also reminding everyone how much pain and suffering the attacks are causing.

“That got me,” TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones said from New York when she saw it, visibly choking up. “My goodness.”

Amid the devastation, Ukrainians find peace in art...

All over social media, in between videos of the destruction caused by the Russian attacks in their country, Ukrainians are showing the strength of the human spirit.

... and comfort from their furry friends

A little boy is his foster pup's best hype man

But if you need more proof that dogs are the best, just ask 7-year-old Roman Duncan. He'll be happy to explain it to you.

After fostering a pit bull mix puppy named Maggie at their home in Louisiana until she was old enough to be adopted, Roman's family sent Maggie off to North Shore Animal League in New York with her medical records, photos and some very convincing recommendation letters.

Roman Duncan and his brother Wyatt sleep alongside "the best dog you could ask for," foster pup Maggie.
Roman Duncan and his brother Wyatt sleep alongside "the best dog you could ask for," foster pup Maggie.Courtesy North Shore Animal League America

When it came time to let Maggie go, Roman wrote notes to Maggie's future family, letting them know she is “the best dog you could ask for” — she's cute and potty trained, and she loves playing fetch, other dogs, kids and cuddles.

“I was so touched,” said Karla Agostinello, rescue team manager for North Shore Animal League America. “It’s hard (for fosters) to put the animals on the truck. So I do get a lot of letters from adults — but children, not many. So this is why it touched my heart so much.”

This toddler's breakfast order will make your day

It's very hard not to smile watching TikTok user Katie Waldow's toddler give her an extensive and adorably pronounced breakfast order.

"Quesadilla, pizza, baguette, eggies... smoothie... blueberries..."

Now we're hungry and we need some toddler cheeks to smoosh.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Hang in there.