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See the 19 funniest parents on social media this week

These moms and dads of the internet made us laugh out loud.
/ Source: TODAY

We made it to Friday, which only means one thing when you're a parent: two additional days to wonder whether you'll ever sleep again.

But between the stressful moments of figuring out exactly what your toddler wants from you and working on school projects until 1 a.m., it's nice to know you're not alone in parenthood.

Trust us — laughing helps. So we've rounded up the funniest musings by moms and dads on the internet.

The more you know.

Like a badge of honor.

Thank you?

No, the other really red one.

Do whatever you want.

Long live moms.

Gotta have them all!

Who wants a balloon animal?

Going to be up all night.


Play ball!

Goodbye, so long, farewell.

Need a new tube, ASAP.

Good morning!

It's almost that time of year.

Just a friendly reminder.

Thank you and goodnight.

Driving, but a game.

Sorry, no.