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Why Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell changed their minds about having more than one kid

The couple are parents of daughters Lincoln and Delta.
/ Source: TODAY

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell thought their family was complete when they welcomed daughter Lincoln in 2013. 

“We did not want a second child,” Shepard, 47, revealed in a recent episode of “The Endless Honeymoon Podcast.”

But the couple soon had a change of heart. Lincoln and her sister, Delta, were born just 20 months apart.

What happened? As Shepard noted, he and Bell, 42, were “so absolutely happy” as a party of three.  

“One is we travel a lot. It’s not fair to bring this little human everywhere we go and deal with only adults. We owe it to her to give her a playmate,” the “Parenthood” alum explained.

Shepard and Bell also felt that giving Lincoln a sibling would keep her humble.

“Our kids are so privileged beyond belief. It rattles both of us being from very modest backgrounds,” he said. For that reason, Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7, sleep in the same bedroom and “have to share everything.”

“I, we, just thought it would be really helpful to make her a better person to have to deal with someone else,” Shepard shared. 

Shepard went on to tout the benefits of having back-to-back babies, but acknowledged that it was “difficult” when Lincoln was 5 and Delta was 3. 

“That’s no fun,” he confessed. “But I will say the corner we’ve turned is now the party. Not only do they party together, they’re united against us, which I love.” 

As an example, Shepard said that if he and Bell are “giving it to” Lincoln, Delta will march over and argue, “You’re not being nice to Lincoln, you didn’t listen to what she said.” 

He described Lincoln and Delta’s relationship as the two of them “against the world.”

Shepard wasn’t kidding. Last month, the sisters pranked their mom by seasoning her toast with cayenne pepper instead of cinnamon and sugar! 

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