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New episodes of ‘Bluey’ are coming this summer! Here’s everything we know

Find out when fans can stream the first 25 episodes of Season Three on Disney Plus.
Screengrab from "Bluey" TV Show.
/ Source: TODAY

Fans of Bingo, Bluey, Bandit and Chilli should ready themselves to be doggone delighted — the Heelers are back!

Earlier this week, Bluey TV announced Season Three of the animated show "Bluey" would be available for streaming starting August 10 on Disney Plus.

Season Three of "Bluey" will be split into two parts with the first 25 episodes, which have a duration of about seven minutes each, debuting in August.

Parents immediately weighed in with excitement in the comment section of the Instagram announcement.

"I’m so excited! I mean…my KID is so excited…" one commenter wrote.

Another added, "I appreciate you guys — My wife’s about to give birth to my second child so please have Bandit give me a call so I know how to handle this. Thanks in advance!"

Sarah Ott, a mom of two in Hoboken, New Jersey, told TODAY Parents she will be hosting a "Bluey" launch party for her daughters, ages 2 and 4, for the new season.

"Bluey is a show I can sit down with my children and genuinely enjoy," Ott, 34, told TODAY Parents, adding the lessons in the show are just as incredible for parents as they are for kids. "They show parents getting on the same level as their kids and they show how parents can mess up and still manage to show up."

The Emmy-winning series, which hails from Australia, features 6-year-old named Bluey, a blue Heeler dog, and her family, which includes younger sister Bingo and parents Bandit and Chilli.

Ott shared that there was an episode in Season Two that made her cry.

"As a mom I identified with feeling so much pressure for my children to meet certain milestones and sometimes just feeling lost," she said. "When they showed another mom support Chilli just by saying 'You’re doing a great job,' I felt like she was speaking to me, even though she’s a pink dog."

A press release from BBC Studios said that viewers can anticipate Season Three to build on the series’ previous two seasons with “relatable themes such as making dad a birthday breakfast, keeping promises, and getting one’s own bedroom.”

"Sometimes I find myself watching when my kids have left the room. I really feel seen as a parent when I watch the show," Ott explained. "They show how parents can lose their patience, can try to teach something and fail, but that they can always lead with love and humor."

August 10 isn't the only date to mark on the calendar. Later this year, Bluey will hit the big stage.

"Bluey’s first live stage show, Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show, is coming to theaters all across the U.S., starting with its 18 November 2022 premiere at Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden," the release stated.