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Patrick Schwarzenegger says his dad doesn’t have a cellphone

Hold the phone — Arnold Schwarzenegger really doesn't have one?
/ Source: TODAY

The man who rose to fame saying he’ll be back probably won’t call you back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t own a cellphone, son Patrick Schwarzenegger says.

“My dad doesn’t have a phone. Yeah, Arnold does not have a phone. He refuses to text. He only does the iPad FaceTime,” he told “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” guest host Sean Hayes on Wednesday.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, who stars in "The Terminal List" on Amazon Prime with brother-in-law Chris Pratt, says his dad remains loyal to some old-school technology.

“He still has his first phone he could ever afford, the flip, and he still uses it in the car," he said. "It’s like this brick phone that’s like this big, flips open. He can call, like, 0-9 or 0-8. He’s got these speed dials memorized. That’s it, (he) doesn’t have anything else.”

Not having a phone in 2022 is kind of like not owning a VCR in 1992, so when Hayes said the former governor's choice to bypass having something so ubiquitous is "crazy," Patrick Schwarzenegger joked there may be a practical reason behind it.

“I think his thumbs are too big for the phone or something,” he said, eliciting laughter from the audience.