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Andy Cohen says he’s considered donating his frozen embryos to his kids in the future

The Bravo TV host and father of two is thinking ahead to grandchildren.
/ Source: TODAY

Andy Cohen has a generous plan in store for his future grandchildren.

On a Monday episode of “Jeff Lewis Live” on SiriusXM, the “Watch What Happens Live” star was asked about his frozen embryos that remain after he welcomed his son Benjamin in 2019 and his daughter Lucy in April.

Both children, who are biologically related, were born through surrogacy. Cohen is raising his kids as a single father.

“I have a few. I can’t remember. I think I have three left?” he answered when asked about his frozen embryos, according to People. “You know what I’m thinking — this is crazy — but if either of them cannot have kids, maybe in 20 years they’ll defrost their sibling and raise them. Is that a weird thought?”

Well, no — according to the National Embryo Donation Center, embryo donation (either for research purposes or to people who desire children) is an option for those who are finished having children.

Dr. Anate Brauer, the in vitro fertilization (IVF) director at Shady Grove Fertility in New York City, does not have personal experience with these circumstances. But, she said, anything is possible.

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"It's a young field — the oldest IVF baby, Louise Brown, will turn 44 this year," Brauer told TODAY Parents. "But it's rapidly growing. Now, we've seen mothers carrying babies for their daughters and transgender men doing egg retrieval."

Brauer said that in all cases, medical, psychological and legal steps should be taken for the safety of all involved parties. She noted that the reproductive field "has potential to change society as we know it."

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